I never thought our pug, Jaxon, ever cared about where he slept. This dog will sleep anywhere, and all day if he likes, so I thought a dog bed was just a dog bed. Until I got him one that clearly did not meet his standards. He would’ve rather slept on the hardwood floor than in this thing. So out it went and I was left with the dilemma of spending yet another $20 on a dog bed that he may or may not like. And would most definitely be ugly.

Easy DIY Dog Bed

So I decided to go the cheaper (and better looking) route by making one myself. I bought a cheap, yet fluffy, pillow from Walmart and some canvas fabric on sale at JoAnn’s that would match our decor.

I’m new to sewing and I didn’t have a pattern to go by, just what was in my head, so for all you experienced sewers out there, please excuse my ignorance and don’t laugh at the diagram I put together below. I mean it – don’t laugh!

Okay, so you get enough fabric to completely cover your pillow. I got a standard sized one and used just a smidge over a yard (a yard x 45″). First you’ll hem the top of your fabric, one of the shorter sides. Then you’ll fold your fabric in half length-wise (so the opposite side is on the outside) and sew the edges together . You’ll finish by sewing the bottom of the fabric together , so the only opening will be at the top. Turn your pillowcase inside out and then slide your pillow in, tuck the remaining fabric underneath and you’re done!

I don’t know how to do a zipper, but if you know how to do this, then have at it and you can close it. I chose to let the fabric be a little longer, and then just tucked the longer portion underneath. This reason was two-fold: one, so I could accommodate a larger, longer pillow in the future, and second, I was lazy and just wanted a quick fix for the puppy.

From start to finish this project cost $9 and about 20 minutes. At the end you will have a functional dog bed that looks as fabulous as it is comfy. And the best part of it all is it’s washable!