Everyone knows that education is the biggest asset that cannot be stolen. The one who educated will get respected by others in the society. Education not only means knowledge and skill, but it is package in which we can learn how to be well mannered and how to behave with other people around us. This is what we call culture in a word. So, education helps us to have good culture and broad knowledge. But, as we look at the last few decades, the way people acquire knowledge is entirely different and the frequently advancing technology influenced our educational system greatly. This is a brief review of the advancement that changed our educational system gradually over the years.

The traditional system of education comprises an institution, a tutor, and some students. This system has been followed until the 20th century. The one born in the century is very lucky to experience this advancement that developed our educational system to a far extent. Traditional students depended more on their tutors, books, libraries, and other sources. Those were the only sources for getting information at the time. It was very difficult for those who pursue graduation. There were a lot of works to be done such as researching on a particular topic, writing assignments, collecting information that couldn’t find in textbooks and so on. It was an unmanageable task for students to accomplish graduation. But, the beginning of internet had a great impact on this and the world has started to change itself with internet.

Internet itself is a result of technology. Since the beginning of the internet era, it was a little bit tough task for people to stick to the brand new way. But, it is quite natural that we have to change our lifestyle according to the environment we live. Since people knew about internet, which is going to be the base of future world, everyone has tried to accommodate with the brand new way of lifestyle. Nowadays, we can see that internet is an important part of our life and more than 80% of the world’s population depends on it. Obviously, more than 50% of the population depends completely on it. It is impossible nowadays to estimate the facet of future world. Technology has been advanced as much that the future world is beyond our perspectives as well as expectations. Our education system has been advanced a lot along with the development of technology these days.

We have discussed about the traditional way of education above, but today it is extremely different. We do not need books, libraries, or even the assistance of tutor to acquire knowledge. We have more opportunities through online to accomplish graduation and other interested courses. Many educational institutions as well as universities are providing distance education through online and students can join for courses as part timers to complete their education by sitting at home or even if they are employed. It was very difficult for the students few decades back to accomplish their compulsory academic tasks like writing assignments including essays, theses, research papers etc. But now, there are a number of ways to research and collect information with the help of internet. Moreover, you can find writers best essay writing service online for academic purposes. Technology has offered everything to people who are serving in different areas as well.

It is very complicated for us to point out an education system in the upcoming years. But obviously, we can plan according to the current technology and don’t know how far it will be active. Since technology is progressing day by day, we cannot stay with our present plan tomorrow.