ConnectFirms is the Global Business Networking and B2B portal to connect, promote and sell your products/services.

Now the advantage of ConnectFirms isn't necessarily just making direct sales. It’s also about expanding your network and creating a wide array of opportunities.

How to Make Connections on ConnectFirms:

Like LinkedIn, is a Business Networking Platform, but instead of “friending” people, you simply “make a connection” to a business.  Obviously, the more connections/followers you have, the larger audience you can broadcast to.  B2B Ecommerce merchants should expand their network as much as possible. Here are some ways you can increase the number of connections:

  1. Create a complete Company profile - This is your “first impression” and the perfect opportunity to build a strong online presence on Business Networking Platform.
  2. Use ConnectFirms Add Connections/Follow feature – When you are logged into your ConnectFirms account, you can click on Search icon in header, it navigates you in to search engine.Use Search engine to find the accurate information of your target audience based on products/services, business role, location, company size and revenue.Then click on connect or follow, and you start getting real time updates from them.
  3. Invite your Business partners from other sources– Doubling up on people from multiple networks may seem counterintuitive. But when you’re marketing your product or service, it’s the number of “touches” that count before someone decides to do business with you.You can click on invite option in Explorer and start inviting people using their email address.