Public Relations or simply regarded as PR, is a tried and tested formula for putting businesses on the pathway to success. The practice of managing the flow of information between an organization and its public is an important tool to stay competitive across any industry vertical that your business is in. Today's businesses, particularly those in the Middle East region, understand the value of PR and have either maintained an in-house marketing and PR department; sought the services of an external PR agency or have used a mixture of both. These companies, organizations and businesses understand the important notion that public opinion is king—it can make or break the business and the implementation of an effective PR strategy can drive in more revenue, growth and other rewards. Seeking the services of an external PR agency is often viewed as the most recommended course of action in running a PR or a marketing campaign. The advantages and benefits to be gained are far better than putting up your own in-house PR department. Here are eight reasons to convince you why you should hire a PR agency;


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A Clearer External View Hiring an external PR agency will give you access to a more outside perspective of your business—from product, services, to actual consumer and market responses. Stronger Focus PR agencies represent a wide number of clients that come from various industry verticals. This means that the agency's length of experience combined with their knowledge on various markets and industries are strategic foundations utilized in proposing strategies and campaignsthat could best work for you.

Cost Effective Hiring a PR agency can sometimes be more cost effective than maintaining an in-house PR department. This applies particularly for SMEs and businesses that have just started operations. Value Additions PR agencies, aside from the usual PR related services they offer, can also provide businesses with key value additions. These value add-ons helps reinforce the implemented strategies related to media relations and digital media.

Effective Time Management Aside from saving on cost, hiring a PR agency also means that you can save time. With a PR agency tasked to run your PR and marketing campaign, you now find yourself with more time to attend to other business matters and issues.

Continuous Idea Development Taking on the services of an external PR agency means the welcome addition of a continuous flow of ideas, suggestions and concepts. All of these can be taken into consideration and used as foundations for future campaigns.

Maximize on Exposure PR agencies bring with them a wide network of media contacts that can be used to ensure the success of any PR or marketing campaign. A PR agency can usually maximise your company's exposure to the media meaning your brand, product or service can get instantly noticed.

Launching, Reinforcing & Consolidating For businesses that have just started, hiring a PR agency can work wonders in getting you off to a good start. From positioning, reinforcing and later consolidating your market presence, the use of a PR agency's network of media contacts can greatly help in receiving the desired coverage that you have set out to achieve.