A paint-less frame hung on display, over ruled and control its domain.

 Stop and snare is what one would do, when passing by this bare perfect square.

 It pierced their hearts, eyes and ears with hated faded distributing thoughts.

Questioning their “if’s” “but’s” & “why not’s” ?

 Silently privately each one’s thoughts ran through their mind beginning to grind.

Animated illusions became their intrusion as they watched the empty frame.

 Colors sprung on and off with thoughts on what was once an empty frame.

 Stand back or you’ll get struck with conversation colorful thoughts.

Purples, Reds, Blues, Greens, and Yellows began taking forms of those who fetched past thoughts.

 PurplesHe loved me, he loved me not, hell… I got tired of figuring it out.

 RedsShe promised, lied and didn’t stop. Some nerve, I deserved much better then that.

 BluesI gave it my all, sacrificed and prayed, still I wasn’t enough. What a schmuck!

GreenAll I ever wanted was peace and harmony why was he driven by greed and self proclaiming needs.

 YellowI needed to be free couldn’t be tied down not without living, and she had needs?


 An empty frame is a crazy thing, defaming became its blaming game.

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