Butter cookie recipe with walnuts and chopped almonds. An energetic dessert. We will elaborate the classic shortbread to which add walnuts and almonds which will give them a crunch and nutty flavor that will delight everyone at home.      -Ingredients For 2 persons:      125 g flour      40 g butter      50g sugar      1 egg      1 tablespoon chopped walnuts      1 tablespoon chopped almonds      - To decorate: seeds, nuts and peeled almonds Development of cookies with walnuts and almonds: For the cookie dough, put in a bowl chopped walnuts and almonds. Add sugar and flour. Mix and add the liquid butter (heat it in the microwave for 25 seconds at full power). Separate the white from the yolk, yolk reserves, incorporates the clear part to nuts and almonds. Mix well. Stretch the dough on a flat surface with a roller (You can sprinkle the surface with flour to prevent sticking) and, using a mold, give shape the cookies. Cover a tray with baking paper and place the cookies. Paint them with egg yolk and sprinkle to taste the seeds, or placed half peeled walnut or almond on top of any cookie. Bake at 190 C for 10-12 minutes. Serve cookies walnuts and almonds in a bowl once they have cooled.