Decorating your outdoors with hay bales is a perfect way to welcome autumn. Fall decorating with hay bales is loads of fun and an opportunity to creatively beautify your outdoors.

Decorating with Hay Bales

The cool fall months are perfect for decorating the outside with hay bales or straw bales. Fall decorating with hay bales is one of the cheapest and simplest ways to spruce your outdoors. Decorating ideas are endless with these natural building blocks, especially the square hay bales. Decorating your outdoor for fall welcomes the season and sets the festive mood, so here are a few fall decorating ideas with hay bales.

Fall Decorating Ideas

  • Line up the hay bales on both sides of the drive way and put pumpkins or potted plants on them. Place a solar lamp on the ground between each hay bale for nighttime harvest display.
  • Build seats and tables out of hay bales. Use one or two hay bales to make a bench or seat that can be kept in the porch or backyard. You can even turn this seat into a love seat. Stack two hay bales for backrest and place one in front to make the seat. Now cover the seat with some fabric and add a few pillows. Your love seat is ready. Use your imagination to make chairs and tables out of these boring bales of hay.
  • You can even use hay bale bench or chair as a seat for your scarecrow.
  • Decorate the entrance of your house with hay bales. Place a hay bale at the end of the driveway and decorate it by placing gourds, few stalks of corn, different types of squash and some Indian corn.
  • Stack two hay bales side by side in a couch like formation. Place another one on their top. Now decorate this couch with pots of fall flowers like daisies and chrysanthemums. Add a few primitive plant stands around it and in the garden.
  • Randomly place square hay bales in the garden or along the path and decorate them with vibrant colorful material as casual throw.
  • Position a hay bale upright and decorate it to make it a hay man. Add fake legs and arms and create a face. Also pin on clothes and add a hat. You can also make a hay woman in the similar fashion and doll up your garden with this charming pair.
  • Combine several round hay bales and create a train. You can even spray paint a hay bale pink and turn it into a pig. Decorate one side as pigs face with eyes, snout and ears on the top and a curly tail on the backside. Turn a square hay bale into a space shuttle, car or a cartoon character like the Sponge Bob.
  • Add a little flurry of color by weaving a garland of fall flowers and leaves around the hay bale.
  • Create hay bags by tightly packing loose hay in net. Attach fall colored bows at the top of each hay bag and hang them in the trees and around the boundary of your house.
  • If you own a hay wagon, load it with hay bales. Decorate it with fall flowers, fruits, dried leaves and colorful fabric. Park it in your garden.

Hay bales are no longer just for feeding farm animals. They add nice touch to fall decorations. They are multipurpose and provide a steady base on which you can place fall decorative items. Once you have figured out how you are going to decorate your outdoors with hay bales for the fall, be creative and enjoy the results.