India has always been portrayed as a country which is filthy, unorganized, unhygienic and poor. A country where more than half of the households don’t have access to toilets and go for open defecation. Government has taken several initiatives to mend the situation but the results are not very encouraging. The primary reason being people are unaware of the benefits of good sanitation, on their health, surrounding and standard of living. It has been quoted that around 186000 children below 5 years dies due to poor sanitation [1]. Government often constructs toilets but fail to urge people to use them. It is difficult to inculcate healthy habits easily. Proper education is required to change the habit of people.

The government plan for “Swachh Bharat, Swastha Bharat”, seems to have lot of unaddressed challenges which have rendered it unable to pull the crowd for using the toilets [2]. Due to poor maintenance these toilets soon turn out into a ghost toilet and people start defecating in open again.
It seems in a hurry to complete the mammoth target of constructing large number of toilets, they are compromising on the basic need of doors, proper sewerage connection and water drainage. When there are no doors, stagnant water and trees shooting out from wall, how one can ask people to use such toilets. The aim of proper sanitation goes in vain. In order to make this vision a success, we need to have a well-planned sustainable approach which should deal with the challenges in total perspective, like if a toilet is being planned, there should be proper sewerage connection, adequate water supply and drainage to ensure proper sanitation. Moreover people should be motivated to use the toilets and maintain them in good condition, ensuring sanitation. Benefactors should be made accountable for the proper functioning of the same.

Despite several programs being run by the government for clean India (Swachh Bharat), citizens have gut feeling that the country cannot get rid of its filth and dirt. This is the prime reason why no tangible change could be seen. Until and unless, we have a vision that this country can also become filth free, it can never become one. Instead of arguing and wasting energy proving that the country cannot become clean, if we start believing and put half the energy we will soon be able to see a positive change. There are many campaigns being run by different NGOs, for improved sanitation, but will that make a change until we change our mindset. Now its time to bring about a change.
Let us gift ourselves a cleaner India.

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