Writing is a beautiful skill that not everyone is able to do. If you're so lucky to have this talent, ensure you're using your full potential and putting together your best, most flawless writing. Everyone has their own secret weapons they turn to when needed. This list of essential editing and proofreading tools can be your secret arsenal of tools to use to produce perfect content every single time.


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Work and edit right inside of your word processor with this software, so you don't have to stop if you're on a roll. It can pick out grammar and spelling mistakes, as well as make stylistic suggestions to improve the overall readability of your text. And, the ability to do all of your writing and editing in one spot means you'll get your work done faster, with better results.

Assignment Help
If you've got the creative side of writing covered, but you could use a little help on the technical end, the library of resources at Australian Help can give you the grammar, plagiarism and citation guidance you need. Even if your writing is filled with completely engaging and interesting information, you want to be sure it's grammatically sound and free of any hints of plagiarism.

It's always advisable to have someone else proofread you work – not only for the obvious spelling mistakes, but also for its overall readability. Have a professional proofreader at Boom Essays help you with this essential part of the writing process. Because they're experts in the field, they'll be able to read for context and make suggestions for improvements when necessary.

Download this powerful writing software right onto any of your devices to have its editing capabilities at your fingertips. Get more done, faster, and have fun while you're doing it, with colorful personalization options. And, because you don't have to transfer your work into an external checker, there's no chance for making an error in transferring your text from one spot to another.

Hemingway App
Ensure the readability of your content is exactly where it needs to be by letting Hemingway App score it. You'll also get a color coded reading of any suggestions and errors to make your writing even better. Use it online or download it to the device you'll be working on.

The library of resources compiled on Academized is there for your reference, to help you understand grammatical rules and weed out errors. Their plagiarism guides also clearly define the different instances of plagiarism, so you can avoid these in your work.

Auto Crit
This manuscript editing software helps improve your writing without making changes to the core meaning of what you're trying to say. Your writing will be stronger, as will your overall skills as they're improved through learning from your mistakes. And, you can publish your finished work with greater confidence, knowing that you've made the necessary improvements to take it from good to great.

Another set of eyes looking over your work is always advisable. But, when you don't have anyone to turn to who can properly get this done, the professionals at EssayRoo are there for you. Get a set of skilled eyes editing your work, so you can be sure any mistakes in context or readability are found and corrected.

Smart Edit
Downloading this software to your computer means you can work within Microsoft Word and use this helpful editing aid simultaneously. It'll find the obvious errors for you, but will also bring any redundancies, clichés, misused words and other issues to your attention. It doesn't automatically make any changes for you, so you're able to see what errors you've made and learn from them, to improve your writing skills.

Easy Word Count
When you've got to meet a certain word count minimum or stay within a given limit, turn to the accurate Easy Word Count for an exact tally. You will also get specific numbers on character count and character count with white spaces, for the instances when you need to take those factors into account.

UK Writings
Having a real person edit and proofread your work will almost always be better than relying on a computerized checker to find and point out your mistakes. Computers can often miss things that are spelled properly, but out of context. UK Writings can provide you with a professional proofreader to look over your writing and find those things an automated program just won't see.

Cite It In
Properly referencing your sources is vital to maintaining your credibility and giving the proper credit to any outside information you've used. But, creating your perfectly formatted references can be confusing and time consuming. With Cite It In, all you've got to do is input the information it asks for and select the style you want it done in. Your citations are created for you immediately, so you can spend less time focusing on them, while ensuring they're all done perfectly.

Hone your writing skills and produce your best content possible, when you've got this toolkit of editing and proofreading resources at your side.