Despite what our title will have you believe, etiquette is actually quite important. Gift-giving etiquette in particular is a skill that many have not been able to master, and like manners, it matters. So, here are some general rules to follow when giving gifts…

It’s the Thought That Counts

Do not give a gift because you expect to receive one in return. It’s simple. Granted, many people give out of obligation rather than because of true generous intention, but a gift given out of obligation falls flat. In addition, if you expect a gift but don’t receive one, it will just cause resentment to build and fester until it harms your relationship. Please note, however, that etiquette dictates a gift be given in certain social situations (e.g. a birthday party). In these situations, whether one “wants” to give a gift is not as important as the social etiquette for the event. Bottom line: There is nothing selfish about gift-giving.

Penny for Penny?

Just because someone gives you an expensive gift does not mean you have to reciprocate (especially if you can’t afford it). Why? It’s the thought that counts. For some people, spending a lot on a gift is a demonstration of love and care. They do not necessarily expect an extravagant gift in return. If expensive gifts make you uncomfortable because you are unable to reciprocate (and you want to), have a discussion with the generous gifter. If you are the generous gifter, make sure you are giving out of a desire to be kind and generous, not out of a desire to show off.

So what now?

L.A. Jewelry Creations is here to help you give gifts in the proper spirit. Have a look at our website to see if anything inspires you!