Busch Garden is a huge amusement  park with lots of cool things to do and see.  One of the many things we tried there is the Europe in the Air.  We actually  came  early in the park so  some of the attractions were still closed.  

The kiddos wanted to check this Castle of Sullivan but it was still closed.

So we tried this  high-tech simulator  that takes you to  on a fun-filled journey across the terrain, over the seas and through the air over Europe.  This attraction reminds me of the  one we did in Disney World years ago.  Although the one in DW is a lot nicer, this one ain't bad.   
The continent’s most recognizable landmarks are featured, like Stonehenge in England, the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany and the Coliseum in Rome. The journey continues through the streets of Paris, along the Thames River and into the sky over Ireland for a view unlike any other.   Call me lame but this kind of stuff still gets me dizzy, I dunno why.   Below is a YouTube video.  (video isn't mine)

What I enjoyed the most in walking around the Busch Garden  was the beautiful landscape all through the  park.  

I forgot what ride is this but as usual, I did not go with them as it involved speed lol.  I

The one that I went with them is this sky-high mode of transportation that provides guests with a 3 minute scenic tour. Passengers enjoy views of all six European countries while relaxing 80 feet in the air. The sky ride stops in England, France and Germany. Here are the routes.
• England - arrival from Rhinefield departure for a one-way trip to Aquitaine
• Aquitaine- Arrival from England, departure for one way trip to Rhinefield
• Rhinefield- Arrival from Aquitaine, departure for a one way trip to England

It is so nice to look around with a refreshing ride atop the park.

Themepark wouldn't be complete without these two asking for  dip and dots treat.

Busch Garden is nice and fun but I don't think I would go back again.  I would rather see the historical  places in Williamsburg next time.