You all know by now that I got a puppy about a month ago (and promptly dropped out of sight because I'm...well...busy with my puppy). He's pretty cute, in case you haven't noticed.

My daughter, much to her own surprise, is crazy about him.

She argued strenuously for a cat. She knew we couldn't really get one (I'm allergic), but she made it clear that the whole dog thing didn't interest her and she was just going along because she knew how much I wanted one.

The biggest surprise, though, has been the interest of other people. When my friends first started making posts on my Facebook wall asking me to post more pictures of Jake, I thought they were humoring me. Don't get me wrong--I appreciated it, and I definitely took the opportunity to go ahead and post more pictures (and video) of Jake, but I really thought they were just trying to give me an opportunity to show him off, like a new mother.

It seems like not. Video of Jake seems to be in hot demand, as he does fascinating things like walk across the couch, run down a hill, and sit in my yard.

Big news like the fact that Jake had his first bath is received with excitement.

I'm surprised, but it's all good. Keep those requests coming, even if you are humoring me. I'm always happy to look at Jake and talk about how cute he is.