Canada is enormous and awe-inspiring. If you are a nature lover, then you will fall head over heels in love with Canada. Lively urban cities, a fascinating fusion of cultures, unrivalled beauty of nature, captivating Canadian wildlife – everything here is enamoring and provides a life enriching experience. However, wandering through Canada’s rich wilderness is one thing you should absolutely not miss when you are in the country. You will be amazed at the diverse collection of colossal mountain ranges, icy glacial fields, spectacular lakes and lush forests. Every scenery you come across will be etched in your memory forever. Right from serene nature sojourns to adrenaline spiking treks, Canada has an incredible assortment of hiking trails of all kinds that suit any age. Here are some of the best routes for hiking you can explore on your Canadian holiday.

  • Banff National Park, Alberta
    One of the world’s incredibly diverse mountain destinations, hiking in Banff is totally worth it. To explore miles and miles of landscape studded with still, glassy lakes, snow dusted mountain peaks, sweeping meadows, cascading waterfalls, caves, and canyons is a remarkable experience where you get to feel the wonder of nature’s beauty at every step. Suitable for all types of travellers, if you like peaceful strolls, you can enjoy short walks along the spectacular sceneries. For the adventure lover in you, challenging hikes ascending towards the mighty peaks are the perfect choice for you. Lake Louise region is often referred as the hiking capital of Canada where the surreal lake shape shifts as per the moods of its surroundings. Take a “Tea House” hike where at the end of your hiking trail, you are invited to homemade tea and delicious baked treats.
  • Fundy Trail, New Brunswick
    An extraordinary coastal wilderness trail, Fundy Trail is perfect for those who are looking forward to an easy hiking experience filled with the abundance of nature’s beauty. This unspoiled seaside stretch has winding lanes for hikers and cyclists to explore the surroundings. The curving nature path lets you discover sandy shores gradually ascending to hidden waterfalls, further to steep hilly cliffs and terrains. Stop at view points and take the breathtaking panoramas of the aquamarine sea, the long stretch of beach and its neighbouring lush green hills.
  • Bruce Trail, Ontario
    Canada’s oldest and longest marked footpath and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Bruce Trail is a collection of nine sections which together form an 890 km long trail. Since it is not possible to complete the whole trail at one trip, it is divided into smaller sections for the benefit of visitors who can choose which scenic segments to explore. Starting from the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario and meandering all the way till Crane Lake Road, this nature trail is brimming with spectacular waterfalls, streams, dense coniferous woodlands and wilderness. You can opt your trek as per your convenience and skills. A day trip along any section of this huge trail is worth the time spent. In case you want an intense outdoor adventure, try hiking challenges that range from 3 days to week long trips and you can have your share of adventure while reveling in the fascinations of Canadian nature.
  • Acadian Trail, Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia
    One of Canada’s most scenic regions, Nova Scotia is a hiker’s paradise. Climb uphill on the rolling hills bordering the Cheticamp River and you will be overlooking stunning views of Cape Breton Highlands and clear river waters. Since it’s a steady upward hike, the trail can be mildly strenuous and is not suited for those who are looking for an easy walking trip. Nevertheless, a little effort to go all the way to the top gives you impressive and changing views of the coastline and forests. This Canada hiking trip is a great trail to enjoy the Canadian outdoors with friends.
  • Les Deux-Criques Trail, La Mauricie National Park, Quebec
    A fabulous mix of dense forests, stunning lakes, and rolling Laurentine Mountain ranges is what you get at the Les Deux Criques trail at La Maurice National Park. A trek through this trail is all you need to experience the authentic Canadian wilderness. The gorgeous forested peaks of maple and birch trees, dotted with a stunning waterfall, and a glassy lake is the perfect way to escape the bustling urban lifestyle and enjoy the tranquilness of nature.
  • Sea to Sky Trail, Whistler, British Columbia
    One of the most famous trails in Canada, Sea to Sky Trail in Whistler lies between Brandywine Falls Provincial Park and Wedge Woods Estates. This breathtaking nature trail is famous among visitors for hiking and cycling tours. On the Whistler segment, the stunning scenic views of winding hilly terrains, soothing lake views, Cheakamus Canyon and Brandywine Falls unfolds as you continue your journey deep into the Whistler Village.
  • Skyline Trail, Cape Breton National Highlands Park, Nova Scotia
    Thanks to its picture perfect dramatic scenarios, Cape Breton National Highlands has the best of hiking places in Canada offering collections of marvellous nature trails that range from easy family-friendly trails, intermediate to extreme hiking adventures. Among these breathtaking trails, Skyline trail features as one of the most popular hiking trail in this national park. This 7 km long trail lets you appreciate wondrous scenic views of widespread green hued landscapes and vast coastlines. Unquestionably one of the best scenic hiking routes of Canada, the skyline trail gives you unrivalled views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. It is popular among tourists as one of the easiest Canadian trails that can be done on a one day hike. Take your time to reach the summit where you can relax till it is time to view an incredibly charming sunset on the Nova Scotia horizon.
  • West Coast Trail, British Columbia
    Stretching along the southwestern coast of Vancouver in British Columbia, West Coast trail takes you on an inspiring journey that explores innate Canadian regions on a comfortable walking tour or an exciting adventure hike. Being part of the Pacific Rim National Park has a huge advantage of offering its visitors a chance to wander through rainforests and lakeshores. For those who would like to simply relax in nature, take a stroll around the breathtaking walking path. As you journey further into the lush foliage away from the water shores, the trek can get really grueling while navigating through steep forested areas, moss-covered paths, wading through river waters and climbing uphill. Here, you have the option of comfort camping if you are not interested in an active hiking experience. For hardcore adventurers, the trail offers some fantastic adrenaline pumping steep climbs and multi-day trekking trails.

So when it comes to exploring Canada’s astounding nature beauty, hiking is the perfect way to have a rendezvous with nature’s best elements.  The crisp fresh air, heavy canopy of dense leafs in rainforests, the cool misty breeze at the coastal shoreline and the thrilling experience of spotting Canadian wildlife up close; you can get these chances only on a hiking experience. Canada is colossal and bursting with the finest of nature’s treasures. In fact, you can just about go on a hiking trip anywhere in Canada and you can opt your type of hiking trip ranging from leisure to adventure treks and duration of one day trip to multi-day hiking experiences. For the ultimate nature experience, you can journey through the Pacific Crest Trail which stretches from the edge of Mexico, through United States of America, all the way to Canada unraveling the finest series of incredibly scenic regions that consist of deserts, dark dense forests, volcanic peaks, snow covered mountains, rolling green landscapes, glaciers and scenic waters. Canada is best experienced outdoors and the best way to take advantage of its pristine wilderness and unparalleled scenic landscapes is through a hiking experience. Canada with its massive collection of hiking trails can get a bit overwhelming for its visitors while choosing the suitable hiking vacation.  Here’s where a travel expert comes handy who would provide guidance regarding, which hiking itineraries are best suited for you and how Canada visa can be arranged through Canada tourist visa application center. So book an appointment with Canadian nature, pack your rucksacks and gear up for the hiking trip of your lifetime.