This is the view from Sandakphu on a clear day. Four of the five highest peaks in the world, Everest, Kangchenjunga, Lhotse and Makalu can be seen from its summit. In the picture if you start looking from left to right you can see the peaks of Llotse, Everest, Makalu, Jano, Kabru, Khangchendzonga, Simvo and Pandim.
"An extraordinary travel changes you in many more ways than you can think of - because you are no more the same you."
When I came back from my recent trek to the Singalila National Park and Sandakphu, I started feeling that the world around me has changed a lot. I wondered why I was feeling like this. I couldn't feel the world as it was. I was like traversing a different dimension while living a life in the same old world. The ecstatic experience at the top changed me in many ways. It was as if I had gone on the trek and what came back was not "I"; it was someone else. 
When we get immersed in such divine beauty, the beauty creates a world around us. We walk in that world from then on, and that world then walks in the present world. It is like the Matryoshka dolls living in the same room. Have we ever wondered, what do the rest of the dolls do inside the giant doll on the outside? Maybe, they are singing, dancing, rejoicing inside while the outside doll is just smiling the Mona Lisa way. I have started living in the same way. I am now inside the world created by the cold breeze, magnificent views, sweet smells and smiling warmth of the sun rays at 3636 meters above this world. 
On the outside I am climbing the stairs of these concrete buildings, inside I am climbing another peak; on the outside I am shaking someone's hand, inside I am hugging a tree; on the outside I am sitting on a chair, inside I am rolling on dew drop covered grass; outside I am drinking water from the cooler, inside I am bathing in spring waters; outside I am lying under a fan, inside I am freezing on the top and smiling sipping a hot cup of tea.....outside I am living, inside I am living happily!