The use of non-consumable electrodes is not new. In the early 1920s, these electrodes were used for welding with an inert gas shield. The USA issued the first patent for tungsten electrode usage with helium or argon shielding in 1930. Today, one of the most commonly used welding processes, TIG Welding is an established process. Using this process, a variety of metals can be welded. These metals can be of industrial use as well as residential use. The process is known to offer high-quality welds as far as a variety of arc welding processes.


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Welding Materials

The equipment used for water-cooled MIG Welding Torch is quite simple. It consists of a welding torch, a source for power supply and connecting hoses and cables for water and gas supplies respectively. The machine is easy to use and doesn't require high-end skills to operate.

MIG Welding Consumables

When buying MIG Welding machine, it is also important to choose MIG Welding consumables carefully. The consumables and accessories include feedback system, arc voltage control system, feed wire mechanism, seam tracking device, electrode positioning device, oscillator, and mush more. All these components are well-incorporated in the system. There are automatic as well as semi-automatic versions of the processes that are used. The major consumables and tungsten rods use filler wire and shielding gas.

Source of Power

The supply of power used to operate the machine are both AC and DC. The current is used along with the (V-I) static volt-ampere. This is the constant current type. In the source of power, the current change simultaneously with arc length change is negligible. Thus, if the hand of welders shakes even slightly, there will be no impact on the process performance.

TIG welding and performance

The designing of TOG Welding torches is such that it can be used for both automatic and manual operation. It is used for manual welding and this purpose there are handles. The machine available for automatic operation has no handles. The TIG welding torches are available in two variants- water cooled and air cooled. Current up to 150A can be used air-cooled torches while up to 1000A can be used in water-cooled torches.

Many TIG Welding consumables needs to be taken care of. One of the major components that are used in a TIG Welding machine is its wire feed mechanism, which further includes speed control, wire drive mechanism, and wire guide attachment. There is a geared motor in the drive mechanism which helps in driving the grooved rolls which in turn pushes the wire. Speed ​​can be governed perfectly using the speed control mechanism. There is an adjustable wire guide, which can be attached to the welding head so that its position is maintained correctly. Helium or argon inert gasses are used as shielding gas. Nitrogen and hydrogen are the only active gasses that are used for limited purposes. Moreover, these gasses are mixed with argon and helium. It depends on the metal that needs to be welded.