[ Standing in a silk, flowing, pure
white dress; Amber places on her
veil seeing her bridesmaid walk
in through the mirror. ]

"You look - - - - - -"

[ Jeszyca stops speaking.  She 
smiles instead as she starts to 
suddenly get teary eyed. ]

AMBER: Please.  Ski almost got
me on the way over here with
his do you know how far we've
come speech.

[ They loosely hug onto each 
other. ]

JESZYCA: I've just glad we're all
happy.  It's not every day an ex
on both sides can be involved in
the ceremony.

[ She jokes to lighten the mood. ]

AMBER: Right and did you notice 
who is doing Ski & Mark's speech?
JESZYCA: I didn't see yet.  Who is 
AMBER: Spokesman Landyn aka 
Weis' ex.  

JESZYCA: You're joking.  The
little world we live in, I guess.

[ Meanwhile, in the men's dressing
room.  Dyminic is speaking to his
father. ]

"Are you nervous?"

DYMINIC: Not at all.  Thinking about
being with Amber for the rest of
my life only makes me excited.

[ His Dad gives him a look. ]

DYMINIC:  I know.  I messed up
with Syria but our relationship
is nothing like that.  This is it.
DAD: Good to hear.

[ He grabs his son's shoulder. ]

DAD: Because if this happens
again.  I won't be there.  

Outside; the back area.

[ Ring-bearers Chais & Jai are con-
versing with their god brother 
Little H. ]

"Caleb's here right?"

LITTLE H: Yes.  I parked him
toward the front on the right

CHAIS: Alright cool.  Did you
pat him down first?

[ He cracks an off smile. ]

JAI: Shut up.  Better if we
can keep an eye on him.
CHAIS: It would be better if
H would talk to his parents.

Or someone could at least.

LITTLE H: I will okay.  Tonight.
But right now we should focus
on this walk.  Do you want to
be the one who screws up this

[ Back inside. ]

"I just talked to Landyn.  It's
full on both side."

SKI: Great.  You sure LeeVigh
doesn't mind helping record?

WEIS: It's no problem.  He's
always forcing us to make
annoying videos with the
band anyway.  

[ Best man Hithe & Groomsmen
Larrie walk in. ]

HITHE: Hey, you got 15 minutes.

Hallway near the entrance.

[ The S&M and D&A wedding parties
are lined up side-by-side, waiting
to walk into their separate rooms.

Near the front of each stand is a
screen showing the muted action
from the opposite area. ]

[ Music starts to play as they disperse,
two by two, walking down at the
same time.

Then the music changes & the door
shuts.  Ski is sitting on a flat decorated
board with Hithe & Larrie on each side
ready to lift him.  Amber looks over
on foot, smiling at them. ]

AMBER: Brace yourself boys.  

[ A little while later, Landyn & his
female counterpart end their speech-
es while Mark leads into the unmuted
vows. ]

MARK: When I first transferred TA's
five years ago when we met, I had
no clue what I would shortly find.

DYMINIC: It all started with a mix
up in hotel rooms.  Little did I know
that very night, I'd met the love of
my life.

AMBER: Even though some may have
doubted us at the beginning.  You
never let that bring down our spirit.

[ She side glances at her maid of
honor Karie. ]

SKI: I fall more and more in love
with this man everyday. 


"I now pronounce you Husbands."

"I now pronounce you Husband and Wife."

[ Everyone stands & applauds while the
wedding parties quickly walk down.

They gather outside in a line on 
the steps.  Ski looks up shocked
by the first person to greet him. ]

SKI: Funny.  You don't seem 25 gs

[ Zain laughs & they hug. ]

SKI: I'm so happy you made it.

Are you staying in town?
ZAIN: Oh yeah.  Me and Joh
start looking for places next
week.  It's crazy though. I 
didn't expect so many to 
know who I am.

[ Mark chimes in. ]

MARK: You we're the star man.

[ A woman not dressed for the
ocassion & a seem-to-be nurse
appear out of nowhere.

They approach their victim. ]

"Come with me.  Now."

[ Caleb turns around as he
is being dragged out by his
mother and a stranger. ]

HITHE: What's going on, where
are they taking him?

[ He looks at Little H who
stands frozen near an equally
shocked Trailyn & Mairya. 

H searches for words, then
whispers to his friends. ]

LITTLE H: They found out.

Downstairs, same location.

[ After the meal & dances, everyone
is chilled out.  Mark & Acer are dining on
cake/drinking wine at the head table. ]

ACE: Well that was a sick scene.

MARK: Hey.  You can't have a wedding
without a little drama.  Right?
ACE: That's true.  At least it's not with
me and the maid of honor.

[ He points over at Karie who is sitting
at the far end. ]

MARK: Too bad. I was waiting for you
to go toe-to-toe with her new beau.
ACE: Not happening.  Next year I'm
all about the new.  And a relationship
just isn't in the cards for me.

MARK: That's cool. Whatever makes
you happy.

[ Trailyn, Mairya, Little H, Jai, Chais
& Jenni are gathered near the cake
and punch table. ]

"I'm freaking out right now.  What
if they charge him?"

MAIRYA: I think they would be more
concerned about the crying out
for help part.
TRAILYN: Yeah.  Besides scare us,
he didn't really do much.  Maybe
they'll see that. 

JAI: Wait.  Caleb was wearing a mask.

How did they find out it was him
to begin with?

Much later that night.

[ At Stuu & Weis' apartments. ]

STUU: That was one hell of a
show we put on tonight, if I
do say so myself.

[ Weis joins him on the couch,
undoing his tie. ]

  WEIS: We make a good team.
A lasting one.

[ He flicks Stuu playfully on his
nose. ]

STUU: When the baby comes next
month, we will be a totally diff-
erent one.
WEIS: The schedule change will
take some getting use to but you're
going to be an awesome Dad I
know it. 

STUU: I'm more worried about us.
WEIS: Well don't be.  I knew this
was a possibility when I moved
in here.
I made my decision to stand by
you and nothing's going to 
change that.  I promise.  

[ Stuu stays silent through Weis'
reassuring stare.  They lay down,
snuggled together & soon drift 
off to sleep. ]


 Next Season.