My grandmother always bragged on her family, in that she 'had the best family'.  We used to always smiling knowingly when she'd tear up and start in on the endearing qualities of 'her family.'  The heart she had for us was evident any time you'd get her started on the subject.

My grandmother passed at midnight the night before Easter this last year.  And now that she's gone, I kind of miss hearing her sweet glowing reviews of our family ties. However, her words still ring true in my heart anytime I see someone from our family or get something like this photo (shown above) in the mail.

Both these girls are my cousins (from my grandmother's side) and although I don't get to see them very often - they are very close to my heart.  My youngest cousin (to the far left) was kind enough to send my family a Valentine in the mail, which I received yesterday.  When I opened this up and saw our picture, my heart melted.  And what do you think rang through my mind?  Yup!  Grandmother's words sang through my heart to the point to where I could almost hear her sing-song timbre as I thought, I have the most wonderful family in the world.

Happy Valentines to you all and may you all tell your family how much you love them.  You only get one family so make them the most wonderful part of your life.