I would love to shout out a huge thank to my friend Angel Marie once again for  telling me about Jamestown Scotland Ferry.  If it weren't for her, we would have never found this out.  The great thing  was, we didn't spend a dime and we all enjoyed the    experience.  It was really  exciting because it was something new that  we have never done before.  I mean, we rode a ferry when we were in Disney World but it was a different one because we did not have our cat in the ferry.    With this adventure, we got to  drove our car in the ferry and was able to see another  part of Virginia through an exciting  ferry ride.  

 The funny thing when we go on a road trip is that, both hubby and I have a very bad sense of direction so even if we have a  GPS with us, we somehow always get lost lol.  The highway to Jamestown is   straight ahead but the GPS led us to a small boating area so we had to turn around  and and  look for it the second time.

We finally  got the right way so we we were  very excited as we drove to the bridge towards the ferry.

The kids were so excited as we board or dock our car to the ferry, it was really a unique experience.

Just seeing the water  gives me that rejuvenating feeling like I am home.  It reminds me of my hometown back in the Philippines.  I grew up from a coastal area and I miss  the ocean a lot.

Even though, I grew up near the ocean, I have never done anything like this as this kind of service  is not offered in the Philippines.

Even the birds were enjoying the  ride.

Of course we got out of the car as it was hot.  You are required to turn off  the engine while on board the ferry so we had the chance to  walk around the ferry and looked around the  island.

It was like a little cruise, the only difference was, it's FREE!

There's ferries that goes  every thirty minutes so  it's not a problem to  go back and forth.

My husband and son checked out the  top deck.  I was gonna go on the upper deck too but  It looks full already so I stayed  at the main deck.

I can tell who are the common riders of the ferry  because they stayed in the car while the ones that aren't from the area are out and  enjoying the view.

The kids couldn't wait to dunk their feet in the water.  We thought, we could go on the other side and  swim a little then come back.  That  was our plan anyway.

When we got there, we  couldn't find  anyplace where we could park and  they could swim so we just turned around  and dock on the ferry again.  But there's not much on the other side to see except some farming areas.

I think  it is really nice that  Virginia has this kind of service, it really helps people from the other side of town travel a lot faster by ferry and it also gives tourists some exciting experience  when visiting Jamestown.

The beach houses in Surry county are beautiful but as you drive away from the beach, it looks like all of it is farmland.

It was really a great experience.  We didn't have  enough time to explore Surry county Virginia but it was good enough to  see other part of Virginia that we never planned on  visiting   for our road trip.  Glad there is a social media where you can connect with people.

Posting  vacation photos can pose risk but it can also be good.  In our case, it  was great as  we  found some amazing places  that we have  no idea before going on our road trip.

We drove around Surry county and did not find a spot where the kids can swim so we just went back to Jamestown. 

We  rode the Surry ferry and on our way back, we wanted to ride  the Pocahontas but we didn't want to waste time so we board on the same ferry again.

That was the most relaxing thing ever, we all enjoyed the experience and  savour the moment while it lasted.  I know, it would  be a long time to be able to do this again.

As I have mentioned, it was very humid that day so  my son took off his shirt and could not wait to Jamestown once again so we could go to the beach there.  I will be sharing their fun  adventure in the water at Jamestown beach at my next post.

Here's a short video clip that I recorded.
Here's also an informative video on how to catch the ferry.
If you guys are visiting Williamsburg and wants to experience this ferry ride, I highly recommend it.  It's very unique.