Lucky are those who live near the the Jamestown beach, it's a beautiful place to  swim and relax with the whole family.  During our last day in  Williamsburg, we wanted to  use all of our remaining time to explore the beautiful Virginia.  We went to the nearby city, Jamestown and has the best time on the beach.

My goofballs expressing their excitement.  I can't even take a normal picture lol.

Virginia is rich in history.  I love that  they do  display  the historical piece about a place.  Visitor can  learn something just by reading it.

Luke any other public places, there are also rules which is very nice.

After our exciting Jamestown Ferry experience, the kids could not wait  to go to the beach so we drove  straight from the ferry to this beach.  Here are the fully loaded photos of  our adventure.

I was tempted to  swim but I couldn't, I didn't want to attract  sharks with my  present condition that time lol.  I didn't want to scare people either hahaha.  The downside of being a woman, most of the times, it comes in a very wrong timing.  I am not sure if it's the excitement that causes it to come early or what but that happens all the time we have to go somewhere.  So no matter how I schedule our travel, it always happens.

I love looking at my children's faces when on the beach.  Their  faces and body language completely  expresses  their feelings.

Iwish we live nearby the beach, summer would  be much more exciting as they love water.  Going to the swimming pool is  completely different than going to the beach.

Seeing them run around the beach  reminds me of my  happy childhood.  We didn't have fancy toys nor have any gadgets to play like the kids have now but we were contented because everything that we need to enjoy was provided by nature.

We lived in the coastal area so learning how to swim was part of our survival.  We didn't have   swimming lessons, we learn it by ourselves.  That's one advantage when you live  near the ocean, you will learn how to swim.

My kids are the same way on learning how to swim.  We offered for them to have a swimming lesson but  they never liked the idea.  They learned how to swim  with my husband's help.  Although they know how to swim, I still want them to learn  different strokes in swimming, I think that it would be good for them.

I would love to take them there again when we get a chance.

I love that both of them are strong enough to be carrying each other.  They love to show their tricks to us.

They really had a fantastic time at the beach.  We would have stayed longer if it wasn't getting dark already.  They did not want to leave.

I told my husband that next year, we should just hit places like this where we don't have to pay hundreds of dollars just to be able to have a good time.  On this places, you don't have to fall in line to get in, you don't have to pay over  fifteen bucks for  a small snack and the great thing, you can bring the food you want to eat there, no ridiculous rules  imposed like the ones in amusement parks.

He definitely agree with me.  He said that now that the kids are  bigger, we can just go to places that is now crowded, a places that we could all enjoy!  Hooray for that!

Jamestown beach is definitely  a great place to unwind, relax and have a great time with your family especially with kids.

A couple of hours that we spent at the beach was like a little vacation already.  We should have came here instead of  paying a wazoo over at the  Water Country USA where I was miserable because it was so hot.  This is one of the many things we did in Virginia, where I really had a great time and wasn't stressed out of looking out for my kids as it wasn't crowded.