Earlier this year we introduced FanGraphs Membership, a voluntary way to to help support all the baseball content we produce each and every day. As a reminder, Membership is achieved through a $20 annual donation to the site — or $3 per month for those of you who prefer short-term contracts! — and we are greatly appreciative of all those who became members when we rolled out the program back in February.

Since we haven’t really mentioned Membership much since the rollout, we wanted to give you guys an update on the program. Beginning today, frequent users of FanGraphs who are not Members will occasionally be reminded that that becoming a Member will help support all the great baseball content at FanGraphs. These messages won’t be overly intrusive or too frequent, but will serve as a reminder that the content and data you’re consuming costs us real money to provide, and you can help ensure that FanGraphs remains a leader in both spaces by becoming a Member.

What do we mean by not too frequent? The plan is for the message to appear every 15 to 20 pages that non-Members visit FanGraphs. Depending on how regularly you visit the site, you might see it once per day, or once every few days. If you’re seeing the message every day, perhaps consider becoming a Member, as that level of frequency suggests you find our site to be quite valuable.

As a preview, the message will look something like this:


Beyond that reminder, nothing else is changing. We continue to be committed to avoiding paywalls, and want to provide our content to anyone who would like to access it. Non-members will still be able to navigate every part of FanGraphs, and the program will remain voluntary; we’re just going to be a little more diligent about reminding people about the opportunity to support us if they choose to.

Regardless of whether you choose to become a Member or not, we appreciate you visiting the site, and look forward to continuing to build a great community of people who love baseball. Thank you for your support over the years, and your continuing support going forward.