Hi everyone!

It has been a busy few weeks for me: working full-time while simultaneously applying to multiple universities in another country has turned out to be quite time-consuming.

Recently I had a chance to share my expat experiences in an interview for expat-blog.com, an exchange network and blog directory dedicated to life abroad. It provides free information and advice to those living or wishing to live overseas. I answered questions regarding my life as a Finnish expat, my experience about Canada, and all things in between. You can read the interview HERE!

Apart from that, applying for Master's programs in another European country while living in North America has really stressed me out big time lately. It's officially my Reason #1 to stress. Reason #2 is the unbearably unstable life of an immigrant with a temporary employment contract: I don't speak the language, I don't have contacts or local work experience. I got hired for a 2-month temporary contract in August, and since then I have dreaded the final day of my employment in the most amazing job I have ever had.

Well, good news: my contract was renewed!

I now officially have a job at least until Christmas, and I could not be happier. My colleagues are incredibly helpful with my French struggles, and even if I'm still absolutely terrified of speaking the language, my understanding has improved tremendously. It all really depends on the accent now: at times I'm able to understand the whole sentence word by word, while sometimes there might be only one phrase I'm able to recognize. Learning to say "Nowadays I'm fed up with...." must be one of my favourite recent lessons.

Longer posts will follow!