The past few weeks, the "Mega Millions" lotto game jackpot continued to rise to last night's $640 million dollars- the highest ever in the world.  The excitement in the past week across the nation made headlines, national TV stories, and people everywhere were talking about how their lives would change if they won the jackpot.

Last night, as I went to buy a ticket with my own numbers at a local deli, I was struck by the energy of the people around me.  People were smiling, laughing and conversing with one another.  I heard things like, "Everyone has to have a dream," "Visualize," "I'm going to spread the wealth with everyone," and "You gotta be in it to win it!" One guy joked to his friend while I was completing my card, "Use HER numbers." LOL  I left that deli, giggling and smiling and everyone around me was doing the same. The energy that was flowing was one of joy, anticipated excitement, and fun.  Everyone was in a great mood, with an excited anticipation about great things to come and sharing personal details with complete strangers. What a great feeling!

Want more abundance in your life? Cultivate good feelings like that!  When you focus on these high vibing positive emotions and use your imagination, examples of abundance will show up in your life. The exact "feel good" emotion might be different for everyone, but if it feels really great to you, that's the way to aligning with the energy and to attracting more "good stuff" into your life.  Whether abundance shows up as winning the "Mega Millions" jackpot, attracting a new friend, getting a promotion at your job, entering or strengthening a great relationship, success in your career, a diagnosis of great health, or even finding a penny in the parking lot, celebrating and appreciating the feeling you believe you'll have if you were to win the lottery jackpot (or whatever else it is your heart desires) is the key to attracting more abundance in your life.

"Mega" means enormous or huge. I thought to myself, "Isn't this great how we're all exercising our imagination with MEGA feelings and thoughts that can only bring more good things? Wouldn't it be nice if we put the "Mega" into our million moments everyday? Just imagine where we'd be and how we'd all feel! It's world-changing in MEGA ways!"

So to the millions who didn't "win" last night's jackpot, I'd like to suggest we all continue with this line of thinking and feeling. While I'm not suggesting that we regularly play the lotto, I am certain that if we celebrate and genuinely feel good about the people who've won in Maryland, Kansas and Illinois, we'll be attracting more abundance into our lives. (So if you're feeling jealous or judgmental about the winners, now is the time to get your feelings in check.)  While you're at it, celebrate what is going right for you right NOW. Find ways to appreciate things and make it a daily habit. You can start by appreciating that you were "in it to win it."

Practice these habits throughout your MEGA millions of moments everyday and you'll see MEGA results! After all, we're all winners when we play the "MEGA millions of moments appreciation game!"