I have been to visit in Singapore several times, just some business trips related the write some articles on travel reviews, but this time I go with family. Many people say Singapore very small, there are no much things to see, just a few days is enough, and no need to go back. A country with no natural resources, only technology.

Beautiful landscapes? It's not as beautiful as Vietnam, Japan, Europe...Delicious food? Surely it not good as good Vietnam, Japan... Shopping paradise in Orchard Road? Almost the majority of tourists to travel in Singapore rarely purchased something to call is worth the price, except for a few people wealthy who like hunt those items luxury brands. However, it brings the feeling of cheerful about mentally while melting into the crowd on this famous shopping boulevard. That is my feeling and some in the tourist group after wandering all afternoon in this area.


However, I still feel love and will visit in Singapore very much, the love and admiration for this country have made Singaporean partners really liked me, and Alex called me "the best Vietnamese lady who loves Singapore so much". Actually, if you just look on the sightseeing side, you'll quickly be bored, because all are "fake", "artificial" or "technology", but if you look closely and think why Singapore can do so, but somewhere are cannot (look on the bright side is the "not done yet" rather than "not done"), then you will find many good things that we need to learn so much from this country.

From Changi International Airport to the city about 30 minutes. The first impression is very much confetti are planted roadside. Next is serial apartment buildings are stretch tens of kilometers. The majority of Singaporeans live in apartments buildings, only the who very rich can have a house or villa, mansion. Public transport network (Mass Rapid Transit - MRT) is one of the modern points of Singapore that I admire. People can easily approach this system in Singapore than anywhere else because of the totality of all instructions are in English. MRT is the air-con subway system which serves passenger to the station across the island of Singapore effectively (quick - cheap - convenient). There are three main route - the North-South route from Marina Bay to Jurong East, the East-West (East West - EW) from Changi Airport / Pasir Ris to Boon Lay, and North-East route from Harbour Front to Punggol, making travel between places in the city and suburbs absolutely easy with a fairly reasonable cost. A trip on the MRT take cost from 80 cents to S $ 1.80, but when payment you must have to pay extra SGD1 / trip (cost buy card). You can buy the trains card for one-time journey(single trip) weekly or round-trip (return trip), buy ticket automatic by machines. If you buy train ticket in cash , after finishing the trip, you remember to come back the ticket machines to refund train cards and regain SGD1 / card. Those who move regularly in Sing using EZ-link card, this card will save money for you while on the move several times by MRT and buses.


Another point that I would love that the city has many trees and the streets always have pavement for pedestrian, in the gaps where those roads intersect, it had been planted grass, so the air is very fresh less dust. So you'll see the weather here is pretty cool, no sweat or dusty when walking for long periods.

Visit in Singapore, I felt embarrassed for the bustling and noisily when thinking about my city. Singapore modern, neat and clean as it is today, is strategic of planning and development of the country since the 1960s, the transparency and righteous of government in maintaining the growth wisely, and according to the planning.

Stroll by boat on the Singapore River, everyone was surprised because of pure river water and no odor. Only a few people know that Singapore government has many determination and efforts to clean up the river. In 1977, Lee Kuan Yew's prime minister, has set a target for the government will clean up the Singapore River and Kallang Basin: “In ten years later, we can fish on the Singapore River and Kallang River. We can do it ". Singapore River and Kallang Basin are two main rivers accounts 1/5 area of Singapore country. This is an important waterway system serving the economic development of the country. Industrial development has to heavy pollute the dense river system and can not maintain a modern image and clean in order continue to grows. May 10-1977, an action plan entitled "The Clean-up of the Singapore River and Kallang Basin" for 10 years beginning with S $ 200 million budget (US $ 150 million). After 10 years, Singapore river has become much cleaner to serve residents and visitors visit in Singapore participate in recreational activities and enjoy on the river.


After several visits in Singapore, I wrote some places that I came to and I feel liked, and sharing some things on Kikotravel website in order inspired to those who will visit in Singapore feel effective and satisfied. If you intend to travel Singapore 4 days, you do not need to book the tour packages with travel company, you just book airfare and hotels. Then to Singapore, you will book tours directly in day with travel company. There are many tour packages a day to choose from, such as one of the tour package of S H Tours. You can consult here in detail some tours of SH Tours. The company also has offices in the hotel or leave the contact in receptionist, so you can easily order.



Orchard Road is the most famous shopping street in Singapore which tourists while visit in Singapore will be introduced to this area. There is a long street with a lot of shopping malls from middle to high end selling all sorts of items, from clothing, shoes, souvenirs, watches , handbags, electronics, cosmetics and high fashion range …


Although also very eager wandering in Orchard Road, I almost did not buy anything, because of there are too many big shopping malls, just walking around one building, I'm feels worn out. Also, some items look nice then too expensive to buy, some items are affordable to buy as a gift for family or friends, it looks not nice and seemed low quality. After few visits to Orchard Road, and after "challenge" in the TANG (opposite Orchard MRT gateway), Lucky Plaza, Paragon, Wisma Atria, Ngee Ann City, I saw 3 spots on this road does not sell fashion items and that is places that I think people can easily buy something:

  1. Toys R Us store on the 5th floor of the Paragon (from MRT Orchard go out and turn right, looked to the left is Lucky Plaza, then to Paragon. Toys R Us sells a lot of children's toys, those parents will be lost in the labyrinth of toys and somehow also find items suitable for their kids and fit the pocketbook.
  2. Largest Kinokuniya bookstore in Southeast Asia in the Ngee Ann City building (the red twin building, design is quite impressive, opposite Paragon, the same side with MRT Orchard). The store occupied whole 1 floor of this building, therefore, it very vast and have all genre in the world.


3. Food Republic is a large food area on the 4th floor of Wisma Atria building (blue building next to Ngee Ann City, near MRT Orchard). Food area with many food stalls selling special local dishes such as Hainanese chicken rice, spicy curry rice, beef noodles Eng Wah, Laksa, .. There are also some small restaurants, serving Thai cuisine, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Japan, France, America, ... My family went to eat at the restaurant Express TEPPAN-YAKI ( I don't know it's Japanese or Korean anymore).

This restaurant having style of serve quite a special, diners sit straight in front of stall of restaurant and the chef will saute or grilled right in front of diners. A serving includes one cup of rice, one vegetable dish (sauteed cabbage and bean sprout), and main food (some dishes like Beef / Lamb / Pork / Squid / Chili and Garlic with Oyster, Fish fillets, Scallop with Garlic, prawns, ... Beef dishes priced 8.50 and Fish fillet priced SGD SGD11.50, not cheap, but almost everyone who eat all feel delicious due to unique presentation style and ...perhaps too hungry after wandering shopping nearly 3 hours!


If you've spent all day in Orchard that still has not found a bag, a dress or a suitable necklace, you can go to the shopping mall right next to Amara hotel on Tanjong Pagar road (near MRT Tanjong Pagar ). This shopping mall is not sells items of those world-famous brand but has nice items at prices higher the common price, Opposite Amara Hotel is Fair Price NTUC supermarket, sells quite a variety of food, canned food, kits, pharmacy OTC and sorts of socks anymore. Chocolate or candies will certainly cheaper than duty-free shops at Changi Airport.

Those people visit in Singapore often introduced to Lucky Plaza in Orchard, Bugis, Funan (sell electronics), or Vivo City (at cable car station Sentosa). But I've felt very pleased while shopping at Tanjong Pagar , because ultimately can buy something for myself, and can buy gifts and quite tasty cakes and some food for the family. You just come here once, You'll love it immediately!

Some places I have come while visiting in Singapore, feel fun and would recommend to everyone.


Merlion is the national symbol of Singapore. According to Singapore's feng shui, the fountains bring prosperity in business, and thus in front of those buildings often have fountains and often look on buildings , not look outward. Tour guides say when you take photo at the Merlion, you must put your palm toward faucet spraying, for image showing that water is spraying into the hands, symbolizing we catch fortunate. Therefore everyone rush gives hands get water and shooting, looked very joy. Especially there is a 12-year-old boy very enthusiastic, not only raise the hand to get water but he opened his mouth and get water under the faucet, anyway water will flow in stomach is better than the hands (because water is flowing into the hands then overflow out!)


WATCH MOVIE 4D (At Sentosa)

How do you feel when a gun pointed right into you? How do you feel when there is a large map spread out and seems like it is flying fast towards you, ready to toss on your face? How do you feel when the bees buzzing in front of you? How do you feel when the snakes crawling on the feet make you pull the feet up? Rainwater makes your jacket getting wet and your chair shaking up whenever has the bumpy scene on the film.


You will feel very funny when watching movies 4D. If you get scared, you can take the glasses out. Modern theater system with the cost of construction is $ 3.5 million S(about 2.1 million US dollars), it equipped with special seats, with separate speakers mounted sink inside, vibration system on cushions and feet, water injection equipment to give the audience the feeling of truth and the most vivid when watching movies.

Upon entering the theater, audiences will wear a pair of glasses specially and watch movie in about 15 minutes.

Fares for each show is 16 Singapore dollars (about 10 US dollars) for adults and 9.5 Singapore dollars (about 5.8 US dollars) for children 4-12 years old.


You seem have heard of a cafe in style of hospital in Singapore. It's called CLINIC, located in Clarke Quay center.

You can feel inside Clinic cafe a sense very special and totally different from other cafes. That's the feeling like you're in the hospital.


Clinic cafe very prominent with white color, colorful pills, infusions, test tubes and those hospital equipment such as wheelchairs , dental chairs, beds …Customers coming in order to drink coffee will be sitting on wheelchairs or iron beds as patients in hospitals. The drinks are contained in the infusions bag, dangling. Additionally, you can also try go on crutches around coffee shop area to try the feeling of "no leg" will look like.


You can see the exhibition of the general planning of Singapore at Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). Those who working in planning - architecture or students of the sector would certainly love this area because it was done meticulously. The maquette and model of each area and whole Singapore built in 3D very meticulously and beautiful in variety of different ratios. Model also showing place which built, place which is under construction and is planned to build what for the future.

How to coming URA : URA Centre, 45 Maxwell Road, Singapore 069118

URA offices located near MRT Tanjong Pagar (EW15), walk from here to the MRT station is about 10 minutes.


Asian Civilisations Museum - ACM (in the area of City Hall), also the place you should visit if you are interested in learning the history and culture. Ticket price for adults is SGD5 / person, adults over 60 years old and students pay only SGD2.50 / person.


ACM Museum located in Empress Palace with an area of 14,000 m2, including 11 galleries exhibiting over 1,300 artifacts were collected from China, Southeast Asia, South Asia and West Asia / Islamic. Spread over three floors, the themed galleries help guests with insight about the cultural heritage of India, China, Southeast Asia and the Islamic world. The modern exhibiting technology interactive been carefully integrated with the educational elements in the galleries, along with a dedicated center for young visitors. A special exhibiting room was designed to showcase the famous collection. This exhibition space becomes more attractive thanks to the exciting these side events bring the traditional values, customs and form of ancient art comes to life.

Each gallery has a special corner for students, and online monitor about thematic and the earphones for those interested may watch and listen to the image and sound under the related topics at gallery that they watching.

History of Photography Corner is quite plentiful. There are many collections of Black and White of those celebrities from the 19th century. There also have the studio corner for you can imagine rooms to take the photo and see the camera like how in the old days.

Showroom those models of mosques. Big screen creates background every few minutes are changes a different design of the mosque.

Exhibition of Singapore planning and ACM Museum are two places that my cousin is studying in Singapore has taken my family to visit.

Two places have many useful things to see, to understand more which Vietnam absolutely no, but those tours visit in Singapore usually not put these places into the tour program.