Hello everyone!

How have you al been? I hope your having a wonderful and sunny bank holiday ^^

I've just walked back from work and my cheeks are burning like there is no tomorrow...
While I go to cool off, I shall introduce you to...

The Ferrero Treasury!

~ Enjoy ~

 ~ XXX ~
 ~ XXX ~
 ~ XXX ~
~ XXX ~
 ~ XXX ~
 ~ XXX ~
 ~ XXX ~
 ~ XXX ~
 ~ XXX ~
 ~ XXX ~
 ~ XXX ~
 ~ XXX ~
 ~ XXX ~
I hope you enjoyed the teeny tiny adventure today!
I know it is a bit short compared to the previous few majestic post, 
but due to over time at work and my lack of sleep
I more or less passed out most of the time and couldn't get it any further, or I would be a crying stressed out munchkin right now haha!
But do not worry! I promise the next foodie adventure shall be full of length and adventure!
Not like this one doesn't but I am sure you are thinking...
it's a bit short...?
(Because I am haha)
There is another half to this little adventure and it shall appear in next weeks adventure,
so pop over next week to see a fun foodie adventure.
~ XXX ~
Now to our chocolatey goodness!
From the moment I planned to have this scene in my foodie adventure I have always wanted to find something yummy and that I really REALLY loved, which resulted in me choosing chocolate in an instant.
But the problem was... what chocolate?
Since the scene of the movie the dwarves actually find gold and elven goodness, 
I realised right away that my chocolate goodness would definitely need to be something that would compare to gold.
At the beginning I jumped straight to chocolate coins and it stayed that idea for sometime, 
until I actually bought some chocolate coins and sat and ate them ...
That was when I found that the chocolate coins wasn't gold or rich enough and began a chocolate hunt of this adventure.
I wasn't until half way through last week on one of my last night's shift... 
after returning home I felt like a sulky little munchkin and sat and munch on all my candy in my candy corner.
 Almost munching all my candy away I was still craving something but I didn't know what, so I sat in the corner and gorked about until I noticed something that I didn't buy...
Which was a box of Ferrero Collection chocolate!
I literally nomed it away in an instant,
while I was admiring the yummy taste of creamy goodness and folding the wrappers into little 3D cubes.
It was then that I though the wrappers looked like little gold and jewel pieces ... like a treasure, while I popped the last Ferrero in my mouth,
I found the taste and texture was a perfect reflectance of Heavens riches
here we are with a foodie adventure filled with yummy Ferrero chocolates,
me hiding in a treasure chest and munching away...
And later while I was editing a frame,
out pop's my mom wondering where her present of Ferrero chocolate disappeared to haha!
Least I know where they came from now and that they didn't magically appear haha!
~ XXX ~
That is all for now!
I hope you enjoyed the read, 
I promise I will make the next foodie adventure much much more adventurous so stay tuned for next Monday!
See you again next Monday!
~ XXX ~

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