Hello  Dear  Friends .Hope  and pray  that  all  is  going  Pleasant  in  your  beautiful  world!
I   am   feeling   overwhelmed   by  your  very  kind  visits  and  very  lovely  words  for  my  last  post.
i  am  so  grateful  to  my  dear  God  who  Blessed  me with  such  wonderful  friends  like you  all!!!
i    want  to  say  THANK  YOU  to  all  of  you  from  bottom  of  my  heart  for  warm  words   for  my  family  photos  and  express  your  precious  feeling  about  them Thank  You  Friends.

today sharing  few  more  photos  and  little  story about them  so  you  can  know  me  even  better.
Giving  this  post  little  early  because  we  are  leaving  for Karachi  to  visit  our eldest  son  who  does  job  there  and  lives  in  a  rented  flat .We  will  stay  there  with  him  for  one  week  and  then  back  to  our  small  city as  schools  are  starting  from  2nd  January  after  only  ten  days  vacations.
Wishing  you  all   a  very  happy  New Year  and  wonderful  Christmas  ahead .

[2003]My  [late] mom in  her  favorite  place  kitchen. She  was  multi  talented woman .Her meals were famous in whole families  of relatives.She  used  to  do  lots  of  gardening .growing  lots  of  chickens  and  along with such  farming  she  was  expert  in  her needle work ,crochet  ,sewing .
Although  she  belonged  to  a  small  village  and her  parents  married  her  with  man  who  was fifteen  years  older  than  her   and extremest  in  religion  point of view . But   she  found  happiness  in  her  second  marriage  [my  father ] with  man  who  she  married  by  going  against  her  mother and brothers 's will .She  spent  eleven  years  fourteen years  with  him  happily  in  city  far  from her  village [i live in same city with my husband] but after  the death of  my  one  brother [with T>B] she went under deprassion and doctors advised my parents to change the environment .then she brought us to village [i was eight] We  both  sisters  were  first  from  our village  who  started to  go school and for this beard lot because my uncles [mom's brothers forced us to not go school]  but mom stood for our education and better brought up .

[2003] My  mom  had  this  pair of parrots  for  almost  seven  years ,she  said that after my both daughter are married and staying away i  feel  alone so i have adopted these tow kids .[my  brother who died also had a  pair of parrots for more then three years but after his death when mom was not in sane they were lost] Mom  taught  them  lots  of  talking .specially   they  used  to  say  [translation] "COME DEAR  SHABANA  MOM  MISSES  YOU"[this pic is taken in our previous house.and i was pregnant with my second  child]

                                My  [late] father and  sister on my engagement day [1991] My  father  lived  in  mom's village  like  strangers  because  he  did not  belong  to  here  and my  maternal family never accepted him yet he loved mom and us and tried  his  best  to  give  us  standard life .

[2000] My  elder  and only brother[eight year older than me] He  was  the  most  strongest boy of the whole village then.He  was  annoyed  for  years  and  did  not  talk  to mom and us because  he  also  wanted  us  to  leave  school  and  marry at  early age  .His  wife  was  of  same  opinion so  life  was hard  on us until  after  our marriage  in 2007 he fell and broke his backbone  then both of  us  me and my sister  supported him financially and  things get little  better between us.He recovered but lost  his health  to great extent.

 My sister while she was  in  America [2004] Her  husband  lives in Virginia  Arlington and work in some private phone company.She  visits  her husband in summer  vacations and lives in Islamabad.[Character Neena was  told   to  me  by  her  then i went  to see other sister Sara who lives  in same  city [not their real names] 

                   [2009]My  sister  with  her   adorable  both kids ,celebrating her boy's birthday.

My  front yard though we live in city but my hubby made me house as i wanted typical village style here.we will renovate the floor after our son leaves for Germany  next year in October .In  summer  we  sleep   here under  the  glittering  stars  and flowing breeze .i never liked [for myself only] closed  and  whole  covered  house  because  my  soul  still wants  to  breath  in my  house back in my village where  all  the hills, flowing  stream ,blowing  air  and  waving trees around seemed  talkative friends.[Hope i do not sound wordsworthian  here] after entering you see this [below]on left

You  can  call  it our lounge .Due  to  much  hot weather  fridge is placed in ventilated area instead  of kitchen .you can see the study tables of my kids also

                                             Our  traditional  bed covers called Rilly 

on right  this is our living plus dining room and next to it is bed room with curtain 

Living plus dining room one side look 

other side look 

on left the other bedroom and between both  this is the corridor where i placed my iron table .

Tiny rose  for  you form my front yard friends !
Thank you again  .Have  a BLESSED  Christmas and new year .
God  Bless You  All.