Genre: CGI Animated Movie.
About Gladiators.
In Rome. 

When Pompeii was destroyed Timo was left orphaned and homeless. Given a home by famous Gladiator trainer Chirone, Timo quickly becomes inseparable from Chirone's daughter Lucilla.
 But when Lucilla goes away to be educated Timo loses interest in life.  Years later, Timo is a pudgy slacker and the worst trainee gladiator in Rome. 
 When Lucilla returns, Timo has to become a real gladiator in a hurry and luckily there's somebody who can help...
 Apparently this is the msot expensive Italian aniamted film ever made. It's also, as far as I can tell, a complete box office flop.
 I think a lot of that might be down to marketing - because there doesn't seem to have been any. Christ knows I'd never seen or heard anything about this film until I stumbled across it while looking for something else. 
 And if it was ever released in the UK nobody bothered telling me.
 I think that's a shame because I enjoyed Gladiators of Rome quite a lot. 
You can probably guess the reason I checked the film out in the first place. 

I'm a sucker for a brass brassiere.
   While personal trainer Diana is fun to watch, I was pleasantly surprised by the rest of the film.  Considering that studio Rainbow Animation doesn't have the finances of Pixar or Dreamworks, the end result looks pretty good. The facials are good, the movement is good and the backgrounds look good.   The English cast do a stellar job with their dubbing (Italian film, remember) considering there's no "names" whatsoever. 
 Nobody is ever going to watch this movie and go "How the hell did they do that?" but the job gets done. 
 The story isn't too complex but again, the job gets done. Timo starts off as a total loser, screws up one time too many and needs help to turn his life around. Lucilla doesn't want to marry star gladiator Casio. a dick for the sake of it. Nothing too difficult to follow.  Really, it's there to hang a series of gags onto.
 In particular Diana's training camp gives Timo lots of opportunity to hurt himself in amusing ways. And I was amused, especially when two particular characters shown up. They come close to being the most fun part of the film. 
  I could have done without the mascot bunny personally, but this is family movie so whatever. 
You may also not find the farting horse as funny as the writers did but again, whatever. 
  Sounds like I'm damning Gladiators of Rome with faint praise but really, this is a movie that delivers 95 minutes of good entertainment and I found myself really getting into it.  I don't ask a movie to do anything else. 
 To sum up: A pleasant surprise that was well worth my time. 
Screenshot time!
  Does this look like a man who is enjoying his life? 
Are we having fun yet?
 The lovely Lucilla.
A card-carrying wanker.
Diana and Timo share a moment. 
One of these people is in for a nasty shock. 
And here's the trailer:
That's all folks.