This has been an interesting week. Wednesday morning I received a call from my nephew that my brother Cecil had what is called a "widowmaker" heart attack while he was at the doctor's office for back pain. Thankfully, he was in the best place for this to happen. Luckily, they did not have to open his chest but somehow went in through his leg and put in three stints. Saturday, he called me from his home in Dover, Delaware to assure me he was doing well and on the road to recovery.

My mother, this morning, fell and hit her head, hurt her neck, and had to be admitted to the hospital in Philadelphia.  She is recovering but it was definitely a scare as she is 89 and already suffering from prior falling incidents.

I have not been able to afford to go home in about two years but the "Universe" is telling me I need to make it happen. So, I intend to fly home in mid June. Where the money will come from I don't know but I trust that the money will come and I know it will come.

So what is going on? What am I meant to learn from all these health challenges? What has come to me is how important it is for me to, number one, take a good look at my own state of health. I've recently started a meditation practice and a ritual of going to LA Fitness every morning to workout for an hour. However, the most important thing I have realized is how important it is to never leave things unsaid with those you love.  I live so far away, it is easy to get lost in the busywork of my day-to day "stuff". At the end of the day, no acting job will make up for being disconnected from family. My new challenge will be striking the balance of pursuing my dreams and remaining close to those I love on the other side of the country.

Life continues forward no matter what. It is up to me to make sure I don't miss out on nurturing the relationships in my life that mean the most to me.

My love to all, wherever you are.