tornado photo: tornado tornado_zps45fda44b.jpg
So what are we to make
of all this devastation?

Children crushed beneath debris

homes like piles of Pick Up Sticks

empty picture frames and broken glass

everywhere . . . remnants of memories

gone forever. There is pain, there is fear

there is such great suffering.

This ominous funnel, the Finger of God,

dark, swirling, pointing, making ready

to ravish some doomed earthlings

for this cynical game.

What are the rules of engagement anyway

for Mother Nature and her Associates?

Are we chosen on the map, or do they toss the dice

and let it land wherever . . . just for fun?

No one knows, not even the so called "righteous"

who claim to have the inside scoop.

They seem to think they know who’s going up . . .

and who'll be going down,

I say beware of thoughts like that . . .

Many are struck dead by Presumption!

We believe that if we're good

and obey the rules, somehow we'll

be spared and that Finger will not find us

but the truth is . . . some are lucky, some are not

and good doesn't matter, where fate is concerned.

Some of us are made stronger and more human

by disasters, though they bare our bones

and tear our hearts.

We turn to help the bleeding, we turn to search

for answers, but all will turn to dust one day,

and this is our conundrum.                                     

 Joanne Cucinello  2013