It’s first day of fall today, September 22, 2016, Thursday, based on the Eastern Timezone. But off course, living in a Pacific timezone, we only have two seasons, the wet and dry. Obviously, we can not enjoy the changes in seasons, the 4 seasons every year.

First Day of Fall 2016

So this first day of fall 2016, as with my friends abroad both online and offline who are enjoying today’s great day, I just want to sing with you all the song You’ve got a friend. Maybe you’ll ask me why, but this is because the lyrics mentioned the four seasons. But more of that, is the idea that whatever the season would be, and even we are miles away from each other, we still are connected by heart we always can depend one another as we always have something to lean on called a friend.

I, myself, could not contain my emotions in me so I decided to try the song in our newly bought karaoke set. I have not fully assembled our system yet because I have not purchased a speaker and an amplifier. The speaker and amplifier set that I like most are those like from the crown amplifiers and speaker. I have already checked and compared brands from one to another, considering their prices and their physical look to fit in my home video and audio interior designing. But at least, of I have here can still cater my moments in singing out my emotions.