You may wonder if it is a good idea to spend your next holidays in France. Here are five very good reasons!

1 - Space
Going to France will suddenly widen your horizon. Most motorways are empty and on the way you will drive through an amazing countryside. You may want to take the 'Route nationale' (free of charge) and stop in cafés or typical town restaurants along your journey.
2 - But I can't speak French
The amount of Brits living in France has increased so much that French people will cope with your hesitant French and will graciously put up with your lack of accuracy. They will be very helpful so fear not!
3 - It's fun
You've never done it before! So what, it's fun and exciting to start a new project. It's easy to plan your destination in advance.
4 - Culture
We live in a changing world and you may want to experience yourself a different culture instead of listening to your mate's point of view. We are all different and what you will discover and feel will be yours to cherish forever.
5 - Take your children, your teens with you
Don't leave them behind! They will remember a trip abroad and it will improve their listening skills in French. Fair enough, it may cost you more money but discovering France is more interesting (in my view) than being squeezed in a Majorca beach.