The pistachio has a unique and delectable taste, something that is crunchy, sweet, and salty, it gives you a tingle all over your body. This is one of the gems that nature has to offer! At SincerelyNuts, we understand our customer’s pretty well and their need for high quality nuts and snacking options. Our nuts are acquired through a refined grading process and they are roasted in house to ensure the freshness and taste is not lost. This, we ensure that our customers get the best of what this wonder nut has to offer. Our superior quality pistachios Turkish nuts offer a scrumptious delight combined with a freshness you have experienced nowhere else. Sink your teeth into our pistachio chewy bites and discover an explosion of taste that brims with goodness. Graded and roasted in house, our pistachios California Super Colossal and pistachios Mammoth Roasted varieties offer you the classic pistachio taste in unsalted and salted versions that is cherished the world over. Our pistachios Salt & Pepper offers another dimension of that grand pistachio taste. Discover a new realm in taste through our exotically treated pistachios. These include Pistachios Jalapeno, Pistachios Garlic, Pistachios Chili Lemon, and Pistachios Hickory. The exotic varieties are almost impossible to find anywhere else and once you set these up at home and serve it to your guests, you will find yourself amazed at the response you get and will undoubtedly be clamoring for more. Our pistachio meats roasted provides a heavenly taste that you will find hard to wake up from. Once you have them, you are hooked for life and when you buy in bulk from us, you never fail to get a great deal. The pistachio possesses an exquisite flavor that is formed on a sweet-salt foundation with that buttery character experienced in a wide variety of nuts. It makes for a perfect addition to ice creams and puddings. You can crush them for sauces garnish a chocolate cake with it. Buying our pistachios in bulk gives you the freedom to innovate on your dishes or just munch away on them whenever you feel like it.