Sometimes things happen that we just can’t help.

Something significant – A new boss. A reorganization in the company.

Something terrible – A total collapse of the industry we planned to conquer. A family member falls terminally ill. Your marriage breaks down.

Something seemingly insignificant – The rain washes out your picnic!

All of these call for various degrees of flexibility.

Flexibility is not a sign of weakness. Remember, the bamboo tree? It is strong and pliant enough to sway with the strongest of breeze. Its flexibility helps it to weather the storms.

Flexibility, to me, is another word for ‘being open’. Open to do what’s best for yourself and others in changed circumstances. You are open to new ideas. You don’t have preconceived notions about people, circumstances or the way things ‘should’ be. Flexibility also means looking for good in all circumstances and being open to giving up being right about things. Sometimes, we spend too much energy on proving that we’re right, than doing what’s best in a situation.

“I had a great teacher, Miles Davis. I remember I played a real wrong chord at the peak of a great evening when Miles was soloing. He played some notes that made my chord right. It blew my mind. He didn’t hear it as a wrong chord, he just heard it as something that had happened and he took the responsibility of making something out of it.” – Herbie Hancock, the American jazz pianist

Staying flexible means learning to make something beautiful out of the ‘wrong chords’ that might come our way.

Actions steps:

Think of a recent time when things didn’t go according to your plans.

How did you respond?

Could you have done better? What would you change about your response, if you could.

Reaffirm that you always have choices, even if they don’t appear so at first.

Stay flexible!


I’m infinitely flexible and constantly amazed! #atozchallenge

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Today I’m on ‘F’ of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. My theme is the A to Z of Self Leadership.