Florence is a unique city, its territory is enriched with a large number of works of art, that is why it has the recognition of UNESCO, which placed under its protection many historical sites of Florence, calling it a world heritage site.
One of the reasons why Florence is a great success is its special design, the many places to visit are very close together, this allows those participating at various Florence tours to reach very easily everywhere.
As you walk through the historic center of Florence you have the feeling of being in an open-air museum, tourists visiting the city can admire monuments, historic buildings, statues created by artists of the past and unique architectural structures such as the only Ponte Vecchio and the Corridor of Vasari.
In addition to the most important monuments and works of art in the historic center of Florence, it is characterized by smaller but equally interesting architectural structures of great historical value that tell the glorious history of this Italian city known and admired around the world.
In Florence there are also the most important and most visited museums in Italy such as: the Uffizi, the Accademia, the Opera del Duomo museum, the Bargello, as well as an endless number of other museums that could preserve unique works of art.
Visiting Florence as well as priceless art treasures also offers countless opportunities for moments of relaxation and fun.
Between a monument and the other walking through the streets and squares of Florence we can spend pleasant moments of relaxation and fun in the many rooms in the historic center, such as bars, taverns, restaurants, ice cream parlors and inimitable pasticcerei offering the most delicious desserts all types.
When the sun becomes Florence, it is converted into a place with a lot of night life where a wide variety of people, not only of Florence and its surroundings, also from all over Italy and the world.
At night, bars, ice-cream parlors and restaurants close to entertainment venues such as bars, vinaini, nightclubs and nightclubs, these places offer the opportunity for many tourists to spend long nights of fun with the possibility of drinking drinks Alcoholic beverages of all kinds from the classic glass of Tuscan wine to more elegant cocktails late into the night.