Friday, I had the good fortune of spending the day doing what I love... acting professionally!!

I was on the set of HAND OF GOD, when I was reminded of what my mother always says when I tell her I have an audition.

"What is for you, is for you."

It's funny how whenever she said it, I would just sigh and think yeah yeah but I want to book it. The truth is my mother's sage advice has become the best perspective I could take to my work.

This simple statement reminded me that I had no need to be nervous or waste a moment entertaining any thoughts of nervousness or fear. As I drove down to the set, I repeated my mother's words and allowed myself to focus on JOY, I set the intention of lapping up every ounce of JOY I could experience from the day from every interaction with the crew to the wonderful director to my playtime with my cast mate.

Kevin D'Arcy & Anastasia Liddeck on set

There is something about staying "present" and "grateful" that opens a door to enjoyment. To my surprise, the sound guy on HAND OF GOD was the same guy who hooked me up for sound on my stint on AMERICAN HORROR STORY last year. Small world. It reminded me again just how much I have to be grateful for.

The day was a blast. I literally enjoyed every single moment. In doing, that I felt such freedom in my work it literally felt like play.

This is going to be my performing ritual moving forward.

Focus on the JOY and everything else will fall into place.