Fog lay thick and deep over the world again today.  Yesterday was dreich and I spent much time indoors seeking dead soldiers.  Today I sought Tesco for those things requiring replacement and ensuring I can survive the shops being closed on New Years Day.  
The weather looks great, fog today, fog or cloud tomorrow and rain on New Years Day!  Super!!!
At least we don't have snow as that is awful, though it might make for better pictures.
Nothing is happening, we await next week when the world returns to some sort of normality.  At the moment people are stuck unsure of whether to spend more money, getting ratty with the kids under their feet all day, and bored with junk TV, why is it so bad this year?
It was ever thus I suppose.  At least we are living off the fat off the land, my diet begins when this lot of food wears out, and many people are living of the thousand or so Foodbanks spread through out the country caused by the Conservative Party looking after its own so not all are living off the fat.
Proper Football tonight, hopefully successful, and then junk footy tomorrow.  
There will be little else to see with this weather....


Army Wife