Hi Everyone,

In a couple of days we'll be saying goodbye to August and the summer of 2016. With more than half the year behind us, I've been thinking about my belief that this year was going to be an awesomely wonderful year for me, and how I've been let down. January went by without a hitch, but something strange happened to me in February that pretty much threw everything off course. Long story short, I've been in and out of physio and other treatments ever since, and I am so tired of it all. Mentally, physically, emotionally, financially... I am once again tapped out! ~ sigh ~

Anyway, I don't like to whine and complain about what's going on with me, but sometimes you just need to vent, know what I mean? You can't just keep pushing down your feelings and expect them to go away. So, with that in mind, I'm sharing a quote from Iyanla Vanzant, an inspirational speaker, teacher, life coach and the list goes on....

Iyanla has been through some very difficult times in her life, so she definitely speaks from experience. Plus, I think we can all agree that she's 100% right about not being able to heal if you refuse to acknowledge your feelings. What I admire is how she was able to turn all of the bad around into so much good for herself and for others.

Until next time,