Nowadays, Twitter is only good for a few things… 1. Feuds between rap stars i.e. Drake and Meek Mill 2. Sports stats and breakdowns 3. GIFs 4. Cat memes 5. Ridiculous trending hashtags. 6. People venting about bad dates (sometimes good dates). 7. Old Vine videos. So, in reality, Twitter is actually great for about 95% of people who actively use social media. But for businesses, I submit that Twitter is a giant waste of time, money, and effort.


LinkedIn has quickly become a hub for articles, business insights, and quality networking. Twitter used to house that, but now, refer to above list of seven Twitter uses. Some might argue that it totally depends on who you follow, which is true, but most people go to Twitter specifically to avoid business and work-related activities. You know, mid-afternoon on a Thursday bored of work and looking to avoid it, most people go to Twitter. Not convinced? Here are three more reasons LinkedIn is miles better than Twitter.


Twitter is for Teenagers

35% of Twitter users are between the age of 18-29 (and probably more under that age). For the most part, 18-29 year olds are much more interested in their weekend plans than their career path. With that being said, that age demographic also has so many other platforms vying for their attention that between Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook it can be a seriously convoluted mess to reach them via Twitter. Honestly, if I wanted to engage with 18-29 year olds I would choose Instagram over Twitter any day. Instagram is a much more high-engagement style platform.


Shelf Life

The average lifespan of a tweet is 24 minutes. 24 minutes!! How long did it take your marketing or social media team to compose that tweet? Between revisions, quality assurance, and branding control it’s probably at least 10-20 minutes. Is that a worthwhile return for how much you pay those composing your tweets?


LinkedIn, on the other hand, has a much higher lifespan, obviously depending on your network size. I’ve had LinkedIn posts that still receive impressions multiple days after I’ve posted, whereas Twitter I can barely get impressions a mere few hours after the tweet. LinkedIn truly has a much higher longevity and serves a much greater purpose for quality, business related content and articles.


Audience is Key

I already harped on this point in the beginning of this piece, but seriously, Twitter is so full of cat memes, sleeping baby pictures, and sports stats that it can be extremely difficult to break through that clutter and reach potential business connections. That’s why LinkedIn is ideal for business ventures. When someone logs into LinkedIn, even the 18-29 year olds, they are looking to increase their skills, learn new ideas, and connect with businesses and other professionals. That is why LinkedIn can be such an amazing tool for organic article posting, idea sharing and more.


Bottom line, for businesses looking to maximize their efforts, Twitter is dead. LinkedIn truly is the best avenue for making businesses steps, whether it be organic or through paid ads. Disagree? Let me know below!