Star wars, the force is strong with this one

It has been a long time since I have written in this blog and to say the reason for this was because I didn't have time to spare would be a big lie. To be honest I excused myself from writing by blaming it on lack of time. It was always, “I am tired so not this time”, “it’s late so it's time to sleep” and most often “the time isn't right as I am not in a mood to write”. Though I was lazy like this, all this time I was also too busy with my office work, there the only thing that I wrote was official emails and documents filled with official gibberish. So there it is, not following my passion is my fault entirely and time has done no wrong.

On this day I accept my mistake like a responsible adult and like a true Jedi I had the realisation that the force is getting strong around me and I have to reawaken the writer in me. You may ask, why suddenly now? Before I answer that you must know one of my favorite lines "Children are cute, joyful and fun to be around, only when you are not the parent". After marriage It is hard enough to lead a  satisfactory life, the compromises and the sacrifices both partner's have to make and then to keep, to lead a happy life of togetherness is beyond the imagination of an unmarried individual. In this now think what if a child comes along, the entire routine of changes has to change again to meet the needs of the newly arrived member. The entire order in a couples life will be shattered and new rules of dictatorship will be sited. Here the child is the supreme leader and the parents are his/her humble servants who have to live their lives only to serve.

All this being said I will come to my answer now, you might have sensed a disturbance in the force and let me tell you the force is getting stronger in my family. Rohini my lovely wife, the love of my life is going to give birth to our baby. You heard it right; I am going to be a father. The lazy arsed me is going to be a responsible adult. Though I am frightened by the alien responsibilities that I am about to face ahead, there is an air of excitement surrounding me that I cannot explain by words. I know when I am saying this that the feeling is the same for both of us, maybe she feels everything intensified twice or thrice than me on which I cannot complain as she is the one who is carrying the baby inside her.

I don't care now how hard it is to raise a child and how many sleepless nights are going to haunt us, I feel a happiness which I have never ever felt before, whether this will last forever or not I do not know. But one thing is for sure, the moment those tiny hands and legs touch my skin and the small twitching eyes gaze up on my face, I will be blown out of this world for sure.