Mark your Calendars! March 28th at 7 pm at the Florence Filberg Convention Hall, 411 Anderton St., Courtenay,  the much esteemed documentary film on the  health and longevity benefits of a healthy lifestyle with a plant-based  diet will debut on the Courtenay Big Screen (well, biggish :) Admission Cost is by donation of a non-perishable food item for the local Food Bank.  Seating is Limited so please call 250-338-5258 to reserve your place.  This is a part of our Church's community service in promoting great health in our community.(a health ministry).  

This is the perfect way to boost your  (and/or your family's) plan to make healthy choices for your future.  This is what some of the people who have seen Forks Over Knives have to say about it:
Absolute must see!

Excellent and all so true! Have never seen anything like it. Just bought a copy for my parents. This truth is spreading fast!

~J. D. Miller (Read his other Amazon reviews)

~Pat Hand -Wish this was main stream information. This would seriously hit pharma  and the health care industry, in the pocket book, so probably isn't ever going to happen. Some folk will not be willing to watch, others will watch and refuse to make changes, it is going to be up to the converts to get the word out and prove the results. Meanwhile countless folk are seriously ill, suffering and dying needlessly.

For myself and several family members, after 5 weeks on plant based eating, I am down an easy 13# and Cholesterol is down 47 points, don't need to lose weight, that OK too, the plan offers many options, so weight can be maintained.

My first goal is quality health and thanks to 'FoK' documentary and Dr McDougall's book 'DigestiveTuneup' I can see the great potential for that, just by simply doing what we do everday, eating, but for life, not death.
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