If the choice for the president was a pig or a monkey (I mean literal animals, just like a cat was called for a jury duty) would you be enthusiastic by either, would you defend them, or merely say that you vote for the less of the two evils?
I could not understand anyone enthusiastically following either beast, yet this is exactly what we see in this election. Clinton followers – followers, not voters –  are just as blind of those who follow Trump.
Yet, donkey or monkey, a reluctant vote must be made, because unless you call for a revolution, not voting is giving to those you do not respect the little say you still have over who will make your life worse.
In this case, Trump would be my choice:
1. Trump is stupidly open; he can’t hide a thing. Everything he does, whether you like it or not, is visible.  Hillary is known to work behind the scenes to promote her agenda. The damage she will cause will be revealed only years later (Benghazi, Honduras, changing classification of documents post-subpoena, to name just a few).
2. Trump is blatantly incapable of representing the USA. Having him there will be so embarrassing, that it will force the congress to ensure such elections will never again happen – which just might lead to changing a corrupt system, which otherwise will keep sailing uninterrupted until it falls off the face of earth (12% of Americans still believe the earth is flat)
3.  There is a reasonable chance that Trump is not interested in being an active president, but only wants to be elected. In this case he will leave the day to day work of the president to others. He might even resign when he discovers that the job is not as glamorous as it appears on TV. America without a president, is probably better off than America with either candidate. (Japan, Australia are example of countries that run without an effective head of country for many years)
4. The biggest threat to the free world, in my opinion, is corporate control over governments and the legal system. This is not capitalism, but the reintroduction of the very nobility system the first Americans escaped from, and have now re-created. With the suggested international trade pacts, America will seal the exportation of the new nobility system back to the rest of the world. This is what Clinton stands for and the main reason I could never vote for her.
So reluctantly, with total lack of choice. I have made my choice. Don’t we miss Bush all of a sudden? He looks so good in comparison.