strong womanFrom scratch, you can remember numerous stereotypical characteristics of girls. Some of them are related to actual females, others just exaggerate prototypical qualities. Pop culture has created lots and lots of female characters that have no connection to the real world. Somehow, most of them have found their place in our minds. Our gorgeous friends from Ukrainian Dating Site helped us formulate the most common female characters that do not exist in a pure form.

1. Regina Johns, or the Mean Girl. You have probably heard about the 2004’s Mean Girls. Regina Johns, the main antihero, is a great depiction of how a real mean girl should behave and look like. Even though she is truly hot and gorgeous, her actions and thoughtful malignancy make her unattractive. This girl will do anything to make everyone around her jealous. In relationships with men, a mean girl will act hypocritically. For her boyfriend, she will be the most generous and faithful girl in the entire world. However, it will not stop her from constantly looking for someone more athletic or just wealthier. Thank God, such individuals are rear. They tend to leave their maleficent manners in high school. By far, the world of adults has another kind of rules and it does not matter how “cool” you are in terms of small social groups (well, we hope so).

2. Angela Gossow, or the Metal Chick. In the modern world, girls are allowed to be whoever they want to. If you are not aware of Angela Gossow is, then just google her name. You will be both shocked and stunned. Rock chicks have been popular for about fifty years by now and the contemporary culture did not leave this precious creature without attention. Stereotypically, such girls prefer to make friends with men and behave overly aggressive. This image excludes everything feminine from girl’s character, which is rather unattainable.

3. Emma Bunton, or the Baby Spice. Most of you probably remember this gorgeous and weightless girl. Blonde hair, girlish dresses, cute and coquettish behavior, – everything was designed to make her look fabulously and stereotypically ladylike. Apart from other characters on this list, this one remains attractive for both men and women. Girls believe this image will make them look more feminine; guys assume these girls make best girlfriends of all. Frankly speaking, 100% pure femininity looks just boring.

4. Vivian Word, or the Gold-hearted Tramp. No need to explain why we chose this character. We are assured everyone has that one female friend that acts like a cheap whore and still wants everyone to like her. Well, girls, this does not work out. No matter how cheerful and cute the girl – if she sleeps with too many men, it becomes her major characteristic. We are not being sexist at this point. However, the society perceives such girls in a previously mentioned way. Moreover, there is a huge difference between being promiscuous and just being an independent woman.