Imagine your grandmother’s best recipe. What if you discovered that the mouth-watering recipe you dream about is simple to make in no time flat? It’d be pretty awesome, right? IFTTT takes the idea of easy-to-make recipes and brings it to the app world. With the IFTTT app, you can put simple “recipes” together to make actions happen without even having to think about it. Though nobody cooks quite like grandma, this app will help you put together the best IFTTT recipes to help you save time and effort.

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Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.27.42 PMWhat is IFTTT?

IFTTT (“if this then that”) is a free app that puts other apps to work. Like a master chef, IFTTT will build recipes to run certain actions; the ingredients for these recipes are other apps, like Evernote, Dropbox, or Gmail. For example, if you would like to receive an alert when it’s raining outside, you can make a recipe that connects the weather app to the alert. With IFTTT’s potential to integrate apps on the ultimate level, it could become one of the best productivity apps as it continues to develop and fine-tune its functions. [image]

How does the app work?

The basic recipe for IFTTT establishes an “if this, then that” scenario. For example, if the weather forecasts rain, send me a text message. The first part of the recipe (the “this”) is a trigger. When a specific scenario happens in an app, it will trigger a certain action. The second part of the recipe (the “that”) is the action.

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For example, if your recipe has these apps as ingredients…

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 3.34.33 PM


… you can automatically add any new photo by you on Instagram to a file in Dropbox.

You can craft personal recipes yourself, or you can check out templates of shared recipes created by others in the IFTTT community.

Here is an example of a shared recipe created by Square:

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.51.19 PM


Pretty cool, huh?

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Ways to use IFTTT

With the IFTTT app, you can easily track payments, create and file documents, share pictures, receive reminders, and so much more. If you use IFTTT for work, you can make recipes to organize and share your online files in apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Evernote; if you use IFTTT for the home, you can even program your air conditioning to come on if the temperature reaches a certain degree or change the colors on your Philips Hue light bulbs. Want your lightbulbs to change to your team’s colors whenever a game is on? There’s a recipe for that.

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Cool IFTTT Recipes

Here are some of the best IFTTT recipes we found for work or home:

Send Gmail attachments to Google Drive

If it rises above ___ degrees outside then turn your A/C on

Change Hue lighting to LA Laker colors when a new Lakers game starts

If I like a track on Soundcloud, download that track in Dropbox

Backup my contacts to a Google Spreadsheet

When Facebook profile picture changes, update Twitter profile picture

Rain tomorrow? Get an iOS Notification

Mute my phone when I get to the office and turn on vibrate


IFTTT is available as a free app for Apple and Android.