​If you’ve been curious about other forms of divination besides Tarot, then this is a great opportunity to try out a more unusual method. I’ll be giving away one free in-depth bone reading to one of my followers on twitter to kick off some changes I'm making to the site in July, including new bone reading offers.
How it Works
To enter, simply follow me on twitter @LadyAlthaea and retweet the tweet linking to this post. The winner will be chosen randomly (I’m going to literally pick a name from a basket. Expect pics.) Be sure to retweet or @ me so I'm notified and don't miss you!
The winner will be notified on Monday June 27th and will receive their reading by Thursday June 30th.
What You Get
The winner will get one free In-Depth Reading. This reading is delivered by email as a pdf and consists of 4-5 pages of text with at least 3 photos of the reading.
The Catch
In exchange for a free reading, you agree to allow me to use your reading as a promotional sample. All personal identifying information would be removed and the reading would be presented as from an anonymous client.

Normally, all bone readings are completely confidential. All text and photos from your bone reading are never shared nor used for promotional purposes. However, as part of this giveaway, you agree to allow your reading to be posted on this site (with all identifying info removed) and any/all photos of your reading to be used for promotional purposes.

Any relevant information shared in relation to the question will remain strictly confidential and your email address will be used solely for the purpose of delivering your reading to you.

​So follow me on twitter and retweet the link to this post. The winner will be chosen Monday June 27th​ and will receive their free reading by Thursday June 30.