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What’s Inside

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You get a collection of uber-effective, plug-and-play templates to make all areas of your business run smoothly.

* Project management * Workflow * Budgeting * Project Planning * Account management * Client Delight * Time management * Quoting * Sales * PPC * SEO * Youtube * Facebook * Copywriting * Content Planning * Account Management * Contracts * Client email templates … and more.

  • The ‘must-have’ systems that end cost and time blow-outs and get work finalised WEEKS faster.
  • The 5 ‘magical’ client love processes that turn nightmare clients into groupies.
  • The secret to selling higher $$ projects.
  • How to get twice as many clients to say YES to your quotes.
  • 21 ridiculously easy-to-use tools are proven to work for freelancers AND large web design firms. Just plug and play.

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Download the Ultimate Web Business Growth Bundle for Free