this was my boy, oliver. unfortunately, last may in 2015, he passed away and i was devastated!  i cried for weeks wherever my tears would flow.  i’m not sure i’m over his death even now. whenever i look at his photos, especially the ones i took when he was sick, i get teary eyed.  eventually i adopted another cat, this time a two month old kitten who we call caleb.

a photo of caleb on his 2nd day in his new home. he was so tiny, i thought we’d step on him.


caleb enjoying one of his favorite pastimes: looking at birds, deer or cats out the window. he crashes into the screen or window trying to catch a bird.

in this photo, caleb is a little under 1 years old.  now, he’s 11 lbs, a big difference from the 3-4lbs he was when he was adopted.  he’s crazy and full of energy as most cats are at his age. he loves to play and he’s fast.  he loves food (even human food), loves to follow me around, will often be the first one to nap with me and i often find him at the top of the steps or looking out the window waiting for me to arrive home.

he’s a ball of fun and so what he chewed on several of the shoes in my closet, this little guy makes me smile.

caleb in action: