This is a sponsored post but all opinions are mine.
My children love brownies and they also love  fruits like  different kinds of  berries.  I remember sometime in July, I made them these Brownies topped with fruits and it  went out  very fast lol.  The cherries and the strawberries were great compliments to these treats for my sweet tooth kiddos.  

They also loved these strawberry pie that we brought for  my FIL during his birthday..  The sweet tooth  is a trait they  inherited from their Dad and the love for fruits is something that was conceptualized ever since they were babies.  I  introduced them to fruits early on that's probably why they love just about any kind of fruits.  

On another note, we are  11 days away till Christmas and  as I was  browsing through the selection of Groupon Coupons, I came accross this Shari's Berries.  There's   a bunch of available coupon there including a 58% off birthday cakes.  My son is celebrating  his 10th birthday  next month and I am thinking of ordering him some  chocolate dipped strawberries aside from a birthday cake.  I think both of them would love these treat!  

I also found  great selection of coupons for The Popcorn Factory.  Both kiddos love popcorn and  this might be a good  option.  They offer free shopping in there too.  Shopping during the holidays and other special occasion can be  expensive but if you are resourceful enough, you can buy the things that you like at a discounted price.  I highky recommend checking out Groupon Coupon website, they have a ton! Why pay the full price if you can get them  cheaper right?