Think the only the way to stand taller is by expensive and painful height surgery? Think again! You can enjoy the newfound confidence of height without ever going through invasive procedures. Simple and affordable height insoles are the secret weapon of the short and savvy who want to see how the other side lives. And with every inch these inserts provide, you’ll gain more than just a new perspective on the world. They increase confidence and self-worth.

Studies show that taller individuals have more self-esteem than their shorter counterparts. This self-confidence helps them seem more attractive to partners and better employees at work. In a sort of feedback loop, their self-esteem increases as they succeed in all areas of their life. As a result, taller people end up rising through the ranks to secure more important roles in business. In fact, most of the CEOs of the top companies in the world measure above 6 feet. If you feel like your short stature is limiting your success in business and beyond, it’s time you check out what the best height insoles can do for you. You’d be surprised to find out how much two extra inches can help.

But before you can add these shoe lifts to your wardrobe, you need to make sure your insole has the following features.

A Good Fit

When choosing a set of height insoles, it’s important you find a product that’s comfortable. You can’t stand or walk in shoes if the inserts pinch your feet or cause pain in your back. Find a shoe lift that supports your heels, arches, and insteps, as it will reduce pain in your knees and lower back. It should also come with memory foam in order to provide the shock absorption your feet need.

Accommodating Style

People often mistake elevator shoes for height insoles, but they’re two completely different things. Elevator shoes have the lift built right into the heels, which means you’ll only see the benefit when you’re wearing that particular pair. Shoe lifts are accessories that fit comfortably into any closed-toe shoe, so you can transfer them from loafers to runners in no time at all. Not only will this save you money in the long run (as you get to keep all of your old shoes) but it will make it easier to integrate into your everyday life.

So the next time you’re bemoaning your short standing, check out what quality-made inserts can do for you. They can help add inches to your height, so you get to tap into the self-confidence tall individuals feel every day. Just remember, don’t sacrifice your newfound self-esteem for comfort.

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