Dear Dr. Nandi Foundation,

I am writing in gratitude for the immense gift of peace that you have offered my family this holiday season. Having the burden of past due mortgage payments lifted from our shoulders by the generosity of your work and your supporters, is the best present we could have been given. Your assistance came just in the nick of time, right when the mortgage company was going to start foreclosure procedures. After the rough year our family has had helping, Dylan, our 9 year old son, battle cancer, we were drained of energy and out of money. This wonderful blessing has bolstered our hope going forward into a place of health and happiness. It has also allowed some time for emotional healing without having to deal with impending foreclosure business and an upcoming move.

Dylan has just completed 10 months of chemotherapy. Assessment scans have confirmed he is in remission/no evidence of disease. This experience has left him with a badge of courage, a nine inch scar on his inner right arm just above the elbow. A site where the brilliant and innovative surgeon removed the tumor and graphed the bone so that Dylan can still use that arm. Our boy grows stronger every day. A new shade of hair is appearing on his once bald head. He is back to school and adjusting to normalcy amazingly well.
In the last few weeks my husband, my son and I have been discussing our experiences of the past year. Our focus has been on the many, many helpers that filled our days. They received top billing in Dylan’s school Thanksgiving letter. What we have learned from cancer is this: in review of a tragedy, what stands out is the care and compassion of those who share what they have to give. Thank you for your part in making our world even more beautiful.

With Highest Regards,
The Gasperoni’s