Growing a brand online is all about driving traffic and leads to your website. Having an interactive and user-friendly website is probably the most important thing for all types of businesses today. A well-designed website must provide an outstanding experience and boost the visibility of an online business. This strategic design technique comes naturally to those who are professionals as web design and development requires lots of skill, knowledge, and discipline. Service providers in the web design and development space cover everything from graphic design, interface design, user experience design, search engine optimization, and more.

Web design and custom web development are two partners that work hand in hand, but are two skills that require a completely different set of knowledge and expertise. Here is a quick overview of what each encompasses.

Web Design

Web Designing is the aesthetic preparing of your website which will be used to interact with users, visitors or customers. It must be well-designed to attract your specific audience. If you are looking for a Rochester web design agency that's trusted and has an award winning portfolio, contact us today. We have a team of web designers, strategists and developers ready to discuss your project with you to setup a game plan for your business.

Web Development

The other, equally important part of building an online presence is web development. Although this occurs mostly behind the scenes, effective web development gives your users the features they need to help them move along in the purchase cycle. This phase includes the coding and programming of functionality that is most pertinent to your business and is what your customers demand. For a Syracuse web development company that offers a range of web development solutions, call an online specialist at Dotlogics.

Take your business to the next level with results-driven web design. Contact Dotlogics to learn more about our portfolio and what we can do for you.