I have a nice 3-day weekend from my day job and took advantage of the opportunity to schedule one of my "Giggle Fest & Manifest!" calls during the daytime hours (instead of night). Attendance "live" on the calls has been spotty lately. I guess that people are not seeing the value of laughing on purpose - for no reason other than to get happy.

Today's call was all about playing with the 22 emotions on Abraham-Hicks' Emotional Guidance System. While I've felt disappointment (#12 on the scale) in the past in not having a consistent attendance on these calls, particularly from the high-vibing community at GoodVibeUniversity, today really felt different. I'm not disappointed at all.  In fact, I feel so good after my call that "disappointment" isn't even on my radar.
My purpose in doing the scale was to "play" with the emotions we often take so seriously. It was intended as an act of self-love, as making the decision to get happy on purpose is really an act of self-love.
So on the eve of Valentine's Day in 2012, I'm happy I cared enough about my well-being to honor my commitment to do the call alone by intentionally raising my vibe to one of joy, love, appreciation and empowerment (#1 on the scale). 
How will you love yourself today?
To listen to the recording of this call or past calls, you can find it below.